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Guts, ambition, adrenaline and energy. Times a thousand. That's YoungCapital. We always think of opportunities, like speed, are honest and always want to do better than yesterday. We don't step; we jump out of bed. To help all young people and young-minded people find work. Together. Not taking the beaten track but in our own way. Because work is our playground.

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Fail fast, learn fast, improve fast

We are not afraid to make mistakes. We enjoy stepping out of our comfort zone. It's the only way to learn something new and do it again, but better. Every day. We also like to give and receive feedback. Because our will to learn transcends the fear of being criticized or making mistakes. And it works. Look at where we are now.

To develop. All the time

We never stop learning. We're never done discovering new things. Developing is a habit. If you come to work for us, you'll get access to YoungCapital University: with dozens of training courses and e-learning workshops. From sales training to a study in business English. Would you like to join another department? Go for it. Looking for a great conference to learn more about your profession? Of course. Everything you need for your development.

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Niks is onmogelijk

Nothing's impossible

We have branch managers aged 23. And directors aged 30. For us, development is not age-related. And it doesn't always have to be a step up; a lateral career move might give you even more to discover. Plenty of opportunities at YoungCapital. We're part of a large, fluent international company: The Works. The advantage in that? A constant flow of new job posts! For example, Assira exchanged her job as a recruiter for a position in the marketing department, Joost is exploring a trainer profession in addition to his job as an account manager, and Pim started the freelance platform YoungOnes funded by YoungCapital.

Happy, healthy, connected

Be the best version of yourself. Get everything out of life. Feel comfortable in your own skin, both physically and mentally. That's what we think is important. We are mindful of this and offer you the space, freedom and the right conditions to realize this. Not just for our direct colleagues, who get more than 30 days off, a sports budget, have their YC gym and mindset training. But also for flex workers. They have access to 200 online training courses via the YC Skills platform. Never stop learning.

Happy, healthy, connected
Proud Sponsor

Proud sponsor

We associate with those who do it just a little differently. Candy, for example, who used to be told by teachers: you're not going to make it. She now travels the world on her skateboard with her I'll-be-my-own-fucking hero mentality. In 2021 she'll be at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Or Kevin and Lasse, two of the best kiteboarders in the world. Despite adversity, they never give up. This is how big dreams become a reality. YoungCapital helps them achieve this through sponsorship.

Sounds like it suits you?

Would you also like to work, learn and grow with the best colleagues in the UK? Check out our vacancies or come and do an internship!

Company values

Our seven values ​​flow from our mindset. These values ​​are reflected in our behaviour and in how we deal with each other.


We dare to be different

We are not afraid to go off the beaten track, because that's where we see the greatest opportunities.


We wow everyone

Exceeding expectations: we know it's possible, so we won't settle for less.


We pursue our dreams

We dare to dream and take targeted action to make our dreams a reality.


We achieve results together

Together we go further than alone. We appreciate each other's strengths, grant each other successes and celebrate them together.


We stay humble

Everyone is equally important, no matter what job you have. We realize that we never stop learning and are always open to feedback.


We have fun

Our focus isn't on the final goal, but on the road towards it. That's what makes working with us so much fun.


Fail fast, learn fast, improve fast

We think and act at the same time and do not shy away from risks. Mistakes are the only route to success. They are part of trying new things. Moreover, you learn a lot from them.

There’s more

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