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Can’t wait to find your ideal sales job? You’ve come to the right site! We offer tons of sales vacancies for people with zero work experience, people only available on weekends, and experienced professionals. But before you apply for a sales job, let us give you some insight on what skills are needed. The most important soft skills needed for a sales position are having confidence, being consistent, and persistent. Furthermore, it’s important that you like interacting with people and building relationships, because gaining a client’s trust is the key to success in this role. Ready to find your perfect sales job? Register with us and explore all the options near you.

Types of sales jobs

The sales department is an essential in every industry; this is how companies retain clients, gain sales, and basically make money. Are you a student and looking for a part-time sales job to combine with uni? Consider applying for a retail job as a sales associate or cashier. The average wage for a sales associate job starts at around £10 per hour. Do you know a lot about cars and is it easy for you to convince people of something? Then consider applying for a car sales job. The average salary for a car salesperson is around £31,000 per year. Don’t know anything about cars, but still really interested? Don’t hesitate to tap ‘apply now’, there’s plenty of room to learn

Do you enjoy talking on the phone and are you a bit tech-savvy? You might want to apply for an account manager position at a recruitment agency or energy company, for example. Your main goal will then be to gain and retain as many clients as you can, so you’ll be working with targets every month. The upside of working with targets is that whenever you hit or exceed targets, you get a bonus – great, right? We can go on and on about the different sales job opportunities available on our site, or you can go ahead and explore them for yourself.

How to find a sales job

Don't want to spend your time scrolling endlessly through our sales vacancies? Our filter tool has got you covered; it will help you narrow down your job search quick and easy. All you have to do it adjust the filter option to your education type, job industries you’re interested in, distance you’re willing to travel, and, finally, the type of contract you want (full-time or part-time). Now you’ll only see sales jobs that meet your requirements. Found some interesting sales vacancies? Save them to your account and revisit them later to make a decision.

To make your CV stand out from the other applicants, make sure you have some skills that match the job description. Never worked in a sales role before? No problem! Go back and see what transferable skills you gained from your previous jobs. Did you already find a perfect job and tapped ‘apply now’? Cheers to that! Keep an eye out for incoming calls and emails; we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQs about sales jobs

How do I become a sales associate with no experience?

The retail sector offers tons of entry-level positions for people with zero work experience. So all you need to bag a sales associate job is a proper CV and to show initiative during your job interview.

How do I stay up-to-date with the latest sales jobs?

Don’t miss out on any of our newest sales vacancies ever again – go to your profile and switch on your email alerts.

Are there any sales jobs near me?

YoungCapital offers tons of sales positions near you, so have a look!

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Full time Luxury Sales Consultant in Bushey Heath

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