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Are you on the hunt for a part-time job? You’re on the right platform to do so - we offer tons of part-time work across the UK, in many different industries. We also cater to people of all ages and backgrounds, whether you’re a student looking to land a part-time job for some extra cash, a parent looking for a part-time remote job they can do from home, or whoever! Make finding work easy by registering with us; you can set your work preferences, and we’ll let you know when anything matching them goes live. So, select your city of choice, and start exploring all our part-time job postings.

Your guide to part-time jobs

We aim to make finding work for anyone and everyone hassle-free, so we have some key points for you to keep in mind. Let’s go over everything you need to know about part-time jobs in the UK!

How to find a part-time job right for you

In the past, finding suitable part-time work was a struggle, but times have changed. YoungCapital has an excellent filtering system to help narrow down your search, so after going to your city or industry of choice, finding relevant vacancies will be a piece of cake. Tick off your work preferences, enter keywords, and then sort the page to your liking. Do you need a part-time job during evenings or over weekends? No worries, we have entire pages dedicated to those! For those busy on weekdays, check out our weekend jobs, or for our night owls, take a look at our evening jobs - simply select a city from there. Would you rather have a part-time online job you can do from the comfort of your own sofa? We also offer UK-based work-from-home jobs that can be part-time, full-time, or temporary, depending on the vacancy. So go explore your options in your preferred city, or navigate to a more specific type of part-time job.

Are you wondering how to apply for part-time jobs? That's easy! On the job posting you’re interested in, tap ‘apply directly’ and log in to your YC account. There, you can upload your CV and cover letter, and with just a few clicks, you’re done! How easy was that? With how quick it is, you can apply for heaps of jobs, dramatically increasing your chances of landing one. So, hop right to it!

The best part-time jobs

Well, the best part-time job is personal - it depends on your interests and skills. Are you a chatterbox who likes the challenge of a sale? Then a part-time retail job is a great chance for you to develop your customer service skills. Or perhaps you’d rather be off your feet, in an office? We have many part-time admin jobs, where you can banter with co-workers and improve your computer literacy. Are you in need of an immediate-start part-time job? A popular choice is working in logistics.

Part-time warehouse and driving jobs are in high demand, as shopping online and meal delivery becomes the norm. They’re both excellent positions to start any career in, as they require little to no experience and are flexible enough to fit around your schedule. Looking for the highest paying part-time jobs in the UK? You’ll want to explore our offering of medical and IT jobs, then. These are our top picks, but you can take a peek at our full list of job categories, and then filter by part-time work.

Where can I find part-time jobs near me?

We offer many part-time jobs in cities across the UK, as you can see by our long list of locations. Want to know where the most part-time vacancies are? It’s not hard to guess: we have the widest selection of part-time jobs in London. Being one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world, it’s no wonder you have so many choices to choose from. We also offer work in many other hubs across England; take a gander at our part-time jobs in Manchester and Birmingham. They also have a large selection of postings to scroll through, so don’t forget to use our filters to make your search easier. Looking for a vacancy in a hub outside of England? How about one of our part-time jobs in Cardiff or Glasgow. ‘But, these don’t offer part-time work near me’ - don’t fret! These are just a few of the options we have available. Check out our full list of locations on this page, and you’ll find a part-time vacancy near you in no time flat!

These are our top tips for everything part-time job-related. Make your search a piece of cake by registering with us, so you can save all your favourite part-time vacancies to your profile. Oh, and remember to create personalised email alerts to stay in the loop.

FAQs about part-time jobs:

Where can I find flexible part-time work?

We offer many kinds of flexible part-time jobs. We recommend a driving job, as you can often work where you want, when you want. Or, there’s warehouse work; it’s scheduled in shifts, which is a perfect fit for a busy calendar.

How much do part-time jobs pay?

This depends on your role, age, and your location. The UK average for all part-time jobs is around £9-£11 per hour, but you might not make as much if you’re under 18.

Do you offer part-time jobs for 16-year-olds?

Of course! We have many entry-level, no-experience part-time jobs available, but make sure to read the description to see if the vacancy is open to you.