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For all those seeking a weekend job, you’ve landed on the right page. YoungCapital specialises in helping people find work that matches their skills, qualifications, and interests. Whether you’re looking for a casual, one-day weekend job, or want to gain experience at a Saturday and Sunday job, we’re here to help. So select your city on this page, and go find the part-time weekend work of your dreams! Make the application process easy by registering with us; you only have to upload your CV and contact details to your profile once. So what’re you waiting for? Go apply for a weekend job today.

Your guide to weekend jobs

Do you want to know how to find a weekend job? How to make sure you get invited for an interview? Which vacancy is right for you? We go over all that and more, so read on if you want to know everything and anything about weekend work.

How to get a weekend job

You can easily find a weekend job on our platform by using our handy filters. Tick work preferences, enter keywords, and sort the page to your liking - you’re left with a refined list of vacancies suited just to you. ‘I want a Saturday admin job near me’ - easy-peasy! Select the city of your choice on this page, tick admin under ‘Type of Work’, and enter any other relevant info. See how simple it is? Don’t miss out on that Saturday or Sunday job - get filtering!

If you’ve found a weekend vacancy to apply for but aren’t sure how to go about applying, no worries, let’s go over it. You’ll firstly need a polished CV and cover letter. If you don’t have a CV yet, you can follow a template online. Keep in mind: it should be concise and only include info related to the weekend job you’re applying for. Your cover letter is your chance to show off some personality and is where you tell employers why you’re the right pick for the role. Top employers love confident, driven workers, so show them just that! When you’ve got those sorted, it’s time to hit ‘apply directly’ and upload these documents. You’ll be landing an interview in no time flat; we’re sure of it.

What are the best weekend jobs

Some of the most in-demand weekend jobs lie in the logistics industry. This sector is booming thanks to the rise of e-commerce and meal delivery, so there are many immediate-start, weekend warehouse and delivery driver jobs available. In a warehouse assistant job, you’ll be lifting and moving heavy cargo, so you’ll be sure to stay fit! As a delivery driver, you’ll get the chance to work independently, often scheduling your own working hours. You might be behind the wheel or riding around on an (e)bike. If you want to work your calves and feel the breeze, get a weekend job as a bike courier. Otherwise, take a gander at all our logistics vacancies for lots of no-experience-required weekend jobs - perfect for students!

Are you an indoorsy type of person, looking for a weekend office job? Then spend your off-time gaining valuable experience with a weekend admin or customer service job. Admin work will teach you valuable computer and organisational skills. Weekend receptionist jobs even develop your communication skills, too! There are many weekend call centre jobs available amongst our customer service vacancies, so if you’re an excellent problem solver and listener, that’s the way to go. Whatever office role you choose, there’s bound to be lots to learn!

Would you like to stay cosy and work from your sofa? We have some weekend work for you: work-from-home jobs. This page has a load of options for you to choose from, with anything from survey taking to online data entry jobs. Working weekends has never been so comfy! If a weekend remote job isn’t your thing, or if weekend-only jobs in general aren’t, there are plenty of other opportunities to consider. We have part-time work that runs throughout the week, over weekends, and during evenings. For part-time jobs during the nighttime, we also have a page full of evening vacancies.

Where can I find weekend jobs near me?

We offer weekend jobs across the country, so there’s bound to be some near you. You can select your city of choice from the list on this page. We have the most weekend jobs in London - surprise, surprise - so if you’re nearby, we recommend starting your search there. If you’re further north, we also have a large selection of weekend jobs in Manchester and Glasgow. No matter where you are in the UK, there’ll be a weekend vacancy near you on our platform.

After all that, you must’ve found a weekend job, right? If not, don’t fret, simply sign in to your YC account and enter your work preferences, whether that’s Saturday-only work or a Saturday and Sunday job. Now, we can send you the latest and greatest vacancies suitable for you - your future weekend job is right around the corner.

FAQs about weekend jobs:

How much do weekend jobs pay?

It depends on the role, the company, and how much experience you have. The highest paying weekend jobs, on average, are driving jobs and tutoring roles.

Do you offer Saturday jobs for 16-year-olds?

You bet! We have weekend jobs for 16-year-olds and all teens. You can quickly hide the unsuitable vacancies by using our filters.

How do I apply for a weekend job?

On the weekend job you want to apply for: tap ‘apply directly’, log in, follow the simple instructions like uploading your CV and cover letter, and you’re done - it only takes a few minutes.

Do you offer weekend retail jobs?

Of course! Either check out all our retail jobs and filter by weekend and city, or choose your city on this page and then filter by retail under ‘Type of Work’.