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School’s out, people are taking time off - it’s the perfect time to get a summer job. Luckily for you, we offer work for every kind of person, whether you’re a student, parent, or teacher looking for a summer job. So, start making bank in your off time while also adding valuable experience to your CV! Register with us to never miss out on any summer temporary jobs; in your profile, you can set work preferences and turn on email alerts, then we’ll let you know when any new suitable vacancies go live. Don’t delay: apply for summer jobs today!

Your guide to summer jobs

Finding a temporary job over the summer can be a challenge, as you’ve got limited time to do it! You can’t sit around for weeks putting it off - you’ve got to start right now! Not sure how to get a summer job? No worries, that’s why we’ve created this guide to help you in your search, so get reading.

How to find a summer job right for you

We’ve made looking for summer work easy, no matter how specific your search. We have an advanced filtering system where you can tick work preferences, enter keywords, and sort the page to your liking. ‘I want an immediate start seasonal job near me, in customer service’ - it’s a mouthful, but we’ve got you covered. Simply choose your city of choice on this page, select customer service under ‘Type of Work’, and enter the keywords ‘immediate start’. You’re left with a handful of vacancies suited just for you. So get filtering, and find a summer job before it’s too late.

Not sure how many hours you want to put into your seasonal job yet? Well, with a part-time job over the summer, you’ll still get to enjoy most of your off-time over the warmer months, but you won’t be earning as much money or adding as much value to your CV. When working through your summer in a full-time job, though, your account will be filling up quickly, and you’ll be gaining valuable experience - but with little time to do what you really enjoy. There are pros and cons to both choices, so pick the summer work hours that suit you best.

The best summer jobs

We have many summer vacancies to choose from, so what’s the best one for you? If you’re a social butterfly, how about getting a summer job in retail. You’ll be chatting away with customers, making sales, and keeping the shelves stocked. Or, if you’re more of a small-talker who likes to keep busy, get a bar staff job over the summer. These no-experience-required jobs will have you on your feet, pulling pints and bussing tables. So get a summer hospitality job if you’re interested in boosting your communication and coordination skills.

How about working in logistics as your temporary part-time job? There’s lots of variation in this industry, as it organises and manages the distribution of goods - the backbone of modern society. Get a summer warehouse job to keep fit; you’ll be moving around heavy cargo, so you’ll get that summer bod in no time. One of the most lucrative summer logistics roles is driving work. Get out of the heat and blast the AC in your car or van as you deliver packages, people, or food. Or, feel the breeze behind your handlebars as a bike courier! There are many open vacancies as meal delivery riders across the country, if you’re interested in giving your calves a work-out. Being a driver is an ideal summer job for students, too, as you can keep this job year-round and just pick up some hours over the weekend whenever you need a cash boost.

Would you rather some seasonal work in the corporate world? Sweet, as we offer many summer office jobs too. You could be doing anything from data entry to management to reception work, so take your pick. A summer admin job will have you working behind the scenes, behind your screen. You’ll develop your computer literacy skills, key for most jobs these days. Or would you rather work in customer service? Problem-solvers, these vacancies are for you! They’re an excellent choice if you love to help others, so if that sounds like you, check out the page and filter by summer jobs.

Where can I find summer jobs near me?

YoungCapital has seasonal vacancies in cities across the UK, so there are sure to be some near you. Just select your city or town of choice on this page to browse what’s in your neighbourhood. For our biggest selection of temporary summer work, see our page of summer jobs in London. Large cities are typically where top companies gather, so if you’re looking to gain some excellent job experience, they’re the place to be. Other job pages with heaps of selection are our summer jobs in Manchester and Birmingham. If you can’t find work near to you, no worries, the digital world is exploding with vacancies - work in comfort from your sofa. See all our work-from-home jobs for a remote summer job, and get working online today.

So, that’s everything you need to know about getting a summer job. Need help applying for any job? Check our job application tips. And before you apply, log in to your YC account and upload your contact details and CV. Do this once, and you’ll never have to do it for any of your applications. So what’re you waiting for? Explore your options, and find your summer job now.

FAQs about summer jobs:

How much do summer jobs pay?

The average wage across the UK for summer jobs is £9-£12 per hour. This will depend on your role, experience, and employer.

Do you offer summer jobs for 16-year-olds?

Of course! Whether you’re 15, 16, or 19-years-old, we have summer jobs available for teens of all ages. Keep UK employment law in mind; the minimum working age is 13 with heavy restrictions, but these ease at 16.

Do you have summer jobs in Scotland?

You bet; we offer work across the UK, including in Scotland. Check out your local on this page, or for the most vacancies, go directly to summer jobs in Edinburgh and Glasgow.