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If you’re searching for a full-time job, stop, because you’ve come to the right platform to find your ideal role. YoungCapital offers work for any kind of person, whether you’re looking for night or daytime work, temporary or permanent full-time jobs; whatever you’re after, apply online in an instant with us. We have an extensive list of cities, which may seem overwhelming, but you can easily find the place you’re looking for as they’re in alphabetical order. Make your job search easy by registering with us. You can set work preferences and alerts in your profile, so you never miss when a new full-time job perfect for you goes live.

Your guide to full-time jobs

Landing the perfect full-time job can be tough, we know, so that’s why we’ve gathered all the info we can to help you find the full-time vacancy of your dreams.

How to find a full-time job to apply for

The first step in any job search is narrowing down your options. Luckily for you, we have an advanced filtering system on all our city and job-type pages. Tick off preferences like job category, education level, distance, and more. For more specific job hunts, use our keyword search box to really find that needle in the haystack. After that’s said and done, sort the page by either distance or latest vacancies - the full-time work that’s suited to you most will be at the top. ‘What about if I want an immediate-start full-time job near me?’ No worries! Select the city of your choice on this page, then enter the keywords ‘immediate start’, as well as any other relevant preferences. And, BAM! How easy was that to find suitable vacancies? If you’re not ready to apply yet, save all your favourite postings to your profile. Get filtering today - your future full-time job awaits.

If you’re wondering how to get a full-time job, you’ll need two things: a clear and professional CV, and an enthusiastic cover letter. Your CV should show off all your relevant skills and qualifications for the full-time vacancy you’re applying for. Your cover letter is where you show off your personality, and tell employers why you’re the right candidate. With these two documents, you’ll be landing some full-time work in no time - all you have to do is hit ‘apply’!

Popular types of full-time jobs

Are you interested in the most sought-after full-time jobs in the UK? Let’s go over some of your options. We offer lots of full-time office jobs across a range of different professions. If you enjoy the simple things like data entry, filing, and the general running of an office, we have full-time admin and receptionist job opportunities for you. We also have vacancies for keen problem solvers who enjoy helping others. Filter by ‘customer service’ if this is a full-time job you’re interested in. Being behind a desk isn’t for everyone, though, so for those who love to work on their feet, we also have full-time warehouse and retail jobs. Working in retail is ideal for extroverts who love a chat, and a great place to develop your organisational and communication skills. Warehouse jobs are full of heavy lifting, so you’ll be keeping fit. No matter the profession you’re after, we’re sure to have it, so get exploring.

Are you a student or recently ex-student looking for a full-time job? We’ve got you covered, too. We have many entry-level full-time jobs that require no experience, so they’re ideal for those just breaking into the job market like you. For those who’ve just earned their degree, see our full selection of graduate jobs. And for the students wanting full-time jobs, go to your city of choice and use filters to find vacancies matching you. Another option you may not have considered for full-time employment is work-from-home jobs. They’re constantly increasing in popularity, as full-time remote jobs become the norm. They offer excellent flexibility and independence, so you can’t go wrong - relax on your sofa and go make a cuppa, as work just got easy.

Where can I find full-time jobs near me?

You can find a bunch of full-time work across the UK right here on this page. We have vacancies in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales - something for everyone! Want to know where we have the most full-time vacancies available? It’s not hard to guess: we have heaps of full-time jobs in London. As the capital and largest city, it’s no wonder why. There are many opportunities across a range of industries in this metropolis, so check it out for yourself. We also offer work across the rest of the country, like full-time jobs in Manchester, a historic hub of industry, full-time jobs in Glasgow, the dear green place, and even full-time jobs in Cardiff. You can’t go wrong with searching for work on our platform, so take your pick amongst these chosen cities or select your local on this page.

FAQs about full-time jobs:

Do you have full-time driver jobs?

You bet! Driver work is super flexible, so it can be part-time, full-time, whatever! For all these jobs, check out our driving vacancies.

Do you offer full-time jobs in Scotland?

Of course! We offer full-time work across the entire UK. For our largest selection of vacancies in Scotland, check out our full-time jobs in Glasgow and in Edinburgh.

How much do full-time jobs pay?

The average Brit earns around £30,000-£34,000 working a full-time job, but this will depend on your profession, experience, and employer.