Temp workers: flexible and risk-free

By hiring a temp worker, you value your flexibility. Catch up on customer service inquiries, run your peak season at full throttle, or tackle time-consuming data migration with our work students. The biggest benefit of employing temp workers via YoungCapital? You don’t have to worry about anything related to the recruitment process. In addition, we bear the employer risks, meaning you won’t have to pay a thing in the event of illness, failure or dismissal. Temp workers are also an excellent fit as holiday workers Interested?

Hiring temporary staffing at YoungCapital means:

  • Flexibility and a solution fully tailored to your company.
  • A maximum effort from us VS minimum effort from you.
  • A suitable match in no time.
  • No administrative hassle. We’re responsible for administration and pay the salary.
  • No employer risks, such as illness or absence. We take care of that.
  • No cure, no pay. You only pay for the hours worked. Your request is therefore always without strings attached.
Verschil uitzenden en werving & selectie

Difference between temporary employment and recruitment & selection

For recruitment and selection, you instruct us to find the most suitable candidate for your vacancy. You’re the legal employer and, thus, responsible for the candidate's employment, salary and costs associated with absenteeism in the workplace.Read more about recruitment and selection. Do you want to be completely unburdened? Choose temporary employment. We handle the recruitment and selection and take the candidate on a contract. We’re the candidate's legal employer and responsible for the contract, salary and payment in the event of failure.

Verschil uitzenden YoungCapital en YoungCapital Direct

How much does it cost to employ a temp worker?

The costs for a temp worker depend on various factors, such as the scarcity of the profile, location and collective labour agreement. Do you want to know exactly how much hiring a temp worker costs? Fill in your details, and we’ll inform you (no strings attached).

Wat kost een uitzendkracht?

What are the benefits of hiring a temp worker?

Figuring out how much it costs is an important topic. But more importantly: what does hiring a temp worker bring to the table? Because that’s a whole lot more than just the work they’ll do. Think of it this way: how many people does your vacancy reach now? How much time do you spend on selection, administration, remuneration and training? And, if your employee becomes ill, what would it cost you? By hiring a YoungCapital temporary worker, you buy time, peace and convenience for a competitive price.

Temporary employment with YoungCapital, how does it work?

    Discussing wishes and a price proposal

  • Completely without obligation. Do you agree with the price proposal? Then we’ll immediately get to work.
  • The vacancy

  • The first thing we do is a culture scan. That way, we better understand your company's position, culture and values. Together with your wishes, these aspects will result in an enthusiastic and realistic vacancy that is also easy to find. Your vacancy will be published on youngcapital.uk, on our 26 other vacancy websites and job boards, and on popular, external (vacancy) search engines.
  • All candidates who are registered with us and who have a suitable profile will receive a vacancy alert for the position by email.
  • Pre-selection

  • Our recruiters call applicants and invite suitable candidates for a video interview. During this screening, we pay particular attention to motivation and personality.
  • Optional: a reference check and test(s), such as an ability and personality test.
  • Introducing candidates

  • We introduce the best candidates to you through our system. You choose which candidates come to you for an interview.
  • We prepare the job interview together with you and for each candidate.
  • After the meeting, we discuss how it went. Are both parties positive? Then the candidate will start in your workplace. No match? We’ll contact him or her and look for another suitable job.
  • The agency worker starts. Immediately if necessary.

  • We take care of establishing the terms of employment with the candidate and finalizing the contract.
  • We keep in touch with you and the temporary worker

  • We prepare the temporary worker for the first working day and check how the first day went.
  • Are many temporary workers starting at the same time? Then we’re there to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • We regularly check how things are going. Is everything all right? Can anything be done better? This way we can adjust quickly.
  • We conduct an evaluation interview with the temporary worker and with you.
  • Is the temporary worker an indispensable part of your workplace? There’s the possibility to hire them yourself.

Curious about what we can do for your company?

Contact our specialist in your area using the form below. We’ll discuss your wishes together to come to the best solution for your company. No time to waste? You can also easily post your vacancy directly to our platform.


  • What is a temporary worker?

  • Temporary workers are staff engaged on a non-permanent basis. They may be employees engaged directly for a short period.

  • How long can you hire a temp worker?

  • An employee can be kept on successive fixed-term contracts for a limit of four years.

  • Are temporary workers entitled to holiday pay and other benefits?

  • Temporary workers are entitled to the same paid leave as other workers and employees.

  • Do temp workers have to give notice?

  • Temp workers and the hiring organisation do not have to give any notice to end temp work early unless it's clearly written in the contract or assignment information.

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