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YoungCapital helps companies find the best talent available. Through recruitment and selection, temporary employment, and training. We find the young and young-minded you need. Fast and with solutions that are fully tailored to your company. You can read how we achieve this on this page. Curious what we can do for you?

Working method YoungCapital

  • Free price proposal

    We discuss your wishes and make a price proposal. Without any obligations. Do you agree? Then we get to work for you right away.

  • A catchy and honest vacancy

    Our copywriters write a catchy, effective vacancy text: clear, enthusiastic, realistic, written in SEO language and reflective of your company culture and values. We post the vacancy on our website, app, 26 target group sites and in external (vacancy) search engines.

  • Applying digitally

    By combining the aspects mentioned above with your wishes, we can ensure that enthusiastic candidates will apply. Via the website, YoungCapital app, a video cover letter or WhatsApp.

  • Personal interviews

    Our recruiters call the suitable applicants, test the candidates online (optional) and invite them for a video interview. During this screening, we find out more about skills, but also about personality and mindset. Ultimately, personality determines whether someone becomes successful in the workplace. Because of our database of 3.9 million young and young-minded people, we can actually match on personality.

  • We introduce the best candidates to you

    Are you as enthusiastic about a candidate as we are? Then the candidate can start working immediately. Often within a day.

  • The candidate’s start of employment

    How the recruitment process works, depends on whether you opt for recruitment and selection or temporary workers. With recruitment and selection, your company is the legal employer. This means you are responsible for the candidate's entry into employment, salary and the costs associated with absence and sickness.

What makes YoungCapital, YoungCapital

Digital leader for 20 years

If you start your job search online, you’re guaranteed to come across YoungCapital. In twenty years' time, we have built up an extensive network of job sites, which puts us at the top of Google. To be precise: 67 per cent of all job-related search terms lead to our site. We run paid campaigns for the remaining search terms. With us, you are assured of responses to your vacancy.

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We reach more than 1.5 million UK candidates

From students and starters to professionals. In Europe alone, we reach more than 9 million candidates. It doesn't stop here. Every month, we add about 60,000 new profiles. Thanks to smart technology and well-trained recruiters, we can quickly find the right match for your vacancy.

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Connecting young people to employers

For most companies this is a difficult task, but not for us. We have all the knowledge and years of experience to find, bind and fascinate 'the elusive generation' (Generation Z). We conduct ongoing research into what drives and convinces them. In cooperation with renowned research agencies and through our own YC Young People's Panel. Moreover, with an average employee age of 28, we still have one foot in our target group.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What characterises YoungCapital as an employment agency?

  • Simple: we believe in the power of young people. They want to learn and grow. Ask questions that nobody dares to ask. They can be wild and reckless but are often full of energy and potential. They come up with ideas that no one else thinks of. This makes them indispensable to any company that wants to move forward. How do we know? We are living proof: the average age of our 1,000+ employees is 28.

    Is it really only that last number that counts? No, it isn’t. Anyone who is young-minded is welcome at our company. But if you want to be the best in class, you have to focus on your speciality. And with us, that speciality is: helping young people find work.

  • Does YoungCapital get found online?

  • Definitely. In the past twenty years, YoungCapital has become the most visible Dutch temporary employment agency. Young people looking for work via Google find us first.

  • How does YoungCapital keep in the loop of what is going on amongst young people?

  • By conducting continuous (quantitative and qualitative) research. In cooperation with renowned research agencies, but also through our own YC Youth Panel. In addition, our employees have an average age of 28. So we automatically empathise with our target group. This gives us a better understanding of what drives young people and what they are looking for in a job and allows us to respond well to their needs.

  • Where does YoungCapital get its candidates from?

  • YoungCapital has an enormous database (check out the current status), full of young job seekers and diverse work profiles. With almost 4 million potential candidates we always find a match for employers. In addition, our recruiters are always looking for new, young talent.

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