Job application tips

Do you need some advice about your job application? We’re here to help you from start to finish. From vacancies to work advice, you can find it all on our platform. Not sure how to write your first CV? Or don’t know how to reject a job offer? No worries! We cover all that and more. Armed with all the knowledge you can learn with our job application tips, you’ll become employers’ dream candidate. So, hop to it, and select your desired category below.

How can I put these tips into action?

We’ve got job application tips to answer every question, but where do you put them into practice? Well, by getting a job! Find one that matches you to a tee by making a profile with us. Then, just enter your contact details and work preferences so we can send you the latest vacancies that suit you. Or, simply search for vacancies by city or industry and profession. We offer a range of options to find work appropriate for you, so check out the opportunities on our site.

FAQs about job applications

  • What are 3 tips for completing a job application?

  • The three job application tips you should follow are:

    • Have everything you need on hand (contact details, CV, cover letter, etc.)
    • Tailor your CV and cover letter to the job description (use keywords, reference it, etc.)
    • Proofread — make sure your spelling and grammar are correct, otherwise you can lose some credibility

  • Where can I find job application tips for newbies?

  • Right here! Learn how to write a CV with no experience, how to accept your first job, and much more. Just click through to your desired article.

  • What makes a good job application form?

  • A good job application form is clear, concise, and includes relevant information. Want to make sure you have everything you need? When applying for a vacancy on our site, have your contact details and info uploaded to your profile to fill in everything in a flash.