Logistics jobs

There are 10 logistics jobs.

Taking on a logistics job is a smart career move. Why? The logistics Industry shows stable growth, adding roughly £130 billion to the UK economy yearly. There are dozens of different jobs in supply chain, from driving vacancies to manager roles. Since people and businesses rely heavily on logistics services, there’s a great demand for workers for all types of employment: full-time, part-time, temporary, and so on. Want to start your career in logistics with a job at one of the UK’s top employers? Then you’re on the right platform. Explore all available vacancies on this page and pick your favourite. Register with us and set up an email alert to receive the latest logistics jobs matching your preferences.

How to find a logistics job

If you want to get a job in logistics, it’s important to know about the industry. Logistics it’s often reduced to transportation and distribution, but that’s not all there is to it. The industry integrates a variety of services, including sourcing of goods, manufacturing, inventory, storage / warehousing, transportation, handling, and sortation of goods. The sector hires new workers frequently to keep its operations flowing smoothly, and they offer vacancies for all types of employment. So whether you’re planning to kickstart your career with a logistics graduate job, or you’re just looking to make a few quid through part-time work, the logistics industry has heaps of opportunities for you. .

Okay, let’s go to the good part: how do you actually find a job in logistics? On this page, you have an overview of all logistics vacancies in the UK. To find the one that floats your boat, adjust the page’s filters according to the role you’re looking for. For example, if you know exactly where you want to find logistics work, make sure to filter your search by location. Do you only want to view full-time jobs? Tick the named box under the ‘Type of employment’ filter. You can also narrow your search by level of education, distance, and type of work. Applying filters will help you find relevant vacancies faster and save time. After picking one or a few postings that match your interests, you should be quick to apply. Logistics jobs attract many candidates, so you don’t want to be at the end of the list of applicants. Applying for a job is super simple. Tap ‘Apply directly’ on the vacancy of your choice. Follow the page’s instructions: you can either log in to fill out the job application, or create an account if you don’t have one yet. Creating your YoungCapital account only takes a few minutes. Once you have yours, you’ll be able to apply for vacancies within instants. So, if you want to be efficient, we do recommend taking the time to set up your account.

Types of logistics jobs

The most popular roles in logistics are driver and warehouse jobs. There are plenty of these vacancies open around the UK, and the qualifications required for most of these jobs are rather simple. So, if you don’t have experience, a driving or warehouse position is definitely the way to go. Logistics warehouse jobs require teamwork and organizational skills. An amount of physical labour is also part of working in a warehouse since you’ll have tasks such as packing and sorting orders. Driving jobs will require specific licences, and you’ll probably have to prove that you hold a licence for at least a year, depending on the vacancy. The pay for logistics driver jobs varies widely by type of licence category. But whether you can drive a lorry or a car, you’ll find work in logistics.

Logistics offers far more options than warehouse and driver roles. For example, logistics coordinators, planners, and administrators high-demand jobs. You’ll also find plenty of openings for logistics consultant, officer, and assistant jobs. Their vacancies requirements vary widely. Experience can be enough to land some of these logistics jobs, but for others you could need a graduate degree. Use the filters on this page to find the roles that interest you. If you don’t exactly fit the requirements of a vacancy you like, just ask yourself: ‘Can I do this job?’. If the answer is ‘Yes’, go ahead and apply. Showing interest in the role and confidence in your skills will take you a long way in the job application process. Trust us.

FAQs about logistics jobs:

Where can I find logistics jobs near me?

Use the top filter on this page to find logistics jobs near you. Type in your city or postal code to find the closest vacancies. You can also check all vacancies per city, pick a location, and filter logistics vacancies.

What logistics jobs are there?

There are several job roles within logistics, such as logistics coordinator, officer, planner, and assistant. However, the most common ones are driving and warehouse jobs.

I can’t find a logistics job that matches my interests. What now?

We publish new vacancies constantly, so don’t worry; soon the right vacancy will come along. To be the first to know about the latest logistics jobs in your city matching your preferences, sign up with us.

How to get a job in logistics with no experience?

Many vacancies in logistics don’t require experience, such as driving, customer-service representative, and warehouse jobs. To get a logistics job with no experience, follow the steps:

1. Search on this page for beginner roles like assistant or associate;

2. Select vacancies whose requirements you can fill by at least 60%.

3. Create a CV listing your skills and interests based on the vacancies you’ve selected;

4. Apply to all vacancies you’ve selected in step 2.

Keep in mind: not having work experience won’t hold you back if you show you’re eager to work.