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If your daytimes are jam-packed, or you’re just a bit nocturnal, then an evening job is the way to go. We have a huge selection of evening and night work, so don’t fret: you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Whether you just want a casual evening job after school or you’re looking to work the night shift, there’ll be a part-time job for you. So get cracking, and start scrolling through our evening jobs in a city near you. Never want to miss out on any of the latest jobs? Register with us and set your work preferences; we’ll let you know when any new evening jobs go live.

Your guide to evening jobs

If you’re unsure what kind of evening job to get, or how to get one, you’ve come to the right place. Together, we’ll go over everything you need to know about getting an evening or night job - let’s get going!

The best night and evening jobs

What are some good night-shift jobs? Well, our most popular lie in the logistics sector. From evening warehouse to delivery driver jobs, this sector has many opportunities where no experience is required. Want to be on your feet, keeping fit, lifting heavy cargo? Work the night shift in a warehouse job then. You’ll learn what it’s like to work in a team in this role. If you prefer to fly solo, though, then how about a driving job? They make great night and evening jobs due to their flexible nature - you can often choose when and for how long you want to work! Become a bike courier if you’re after a delivery job that feeds people’s late-night cravings.

Are you more the indoors-type who prefers to work from behind a desk? Take a gander at our admin jobs then, and filter by evening work. You could be anything from an office manager to a receptionist - whichever evening or night job speaks to you. Working in an office improves computer literacy and communication skills, and is a great place to start any career. If you love to help others and solve problems, what about a customer service job? Night workers are always needed in this industry, as many companies run late-night helplines. Go take a peek if that sounds like you!

For all you chatterboxes, we have many evening retail jobs as well. They’re a great chance to work on your social and sales skills, as there are many shop assistant roles where your main goal will be making sales. For those more interested in a bit less communication, there are many supermarket night-shift jobs available. For example, you could get a cashier, stock assistant, or manager job over evenings and nights. So go explore all our retail jobs if this sounds like you.

Do you need lots of flexibility in your role? How about working from the comfort of your own home; take a look at one of our many work-from-home jobs, and filter by evening and night work. You could be doing anything from data entry to teaching English, so take advantage of the opportunity to work from your sofa by getting a remote evening or night job. Or perhaps you need a job over both evenings and weekends? Then we have the page for you: check out our full list of part-time jobs for evening, night, weekend, and daytime work. If you just need a weekend job, we have you covered there too. Whatever type of work you want, YoungCapital can help; all you need to do is start exploring!

How to get an evening or night job

Firstly, you need to find a suitable evening or night job. Luckily, we have a handy filtering system that takes care of that for you. Tick off work preferences like job category and education level, enter keywords to get really specific, and then sort the page to your liking. It’s that easy to find relevant evening and night work! If you’re not ready to apply yet, no worries, just tap the heart icon to save any vacancies to your profile.

Secondly is getting an interview for the evening or night job of your choosing. You’ll need two top-notch documents: a CV and a cover letter. If you don’t have a CV yet, do a quick search online to find a template to follow. Your resume needs to be short and sweet - no irrelevant info included. For example, knowing how to mix the perfect cocktail is great info when applying for bar staff jobs, but not so much when you’re trying to get an IT job. Now, your cover letter is where you really show off your personality and enthusiasm - it’s your chance to show employers why you’re the right pick for the role. When you’ve got that sorted, you’ll be landing an evening job in no time. All that’s left to do is hit ‘apply’!

Finally, you have to ace the interview. The most important thing is confidence; if that doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t fret, as you can do some preparation. Go over your skills and education, your positive and negative attributes, and why you should get this evening or night job. With all that prepared, you’ll feel a lot less nervous going in. Be sure to highlight any unique things about yourself helpful to the role, as employers love people who stand out from the crowd. Follow these three steps, and you’ll be getting part-time evening work in the blink of an eye.

FAQs about evening jobs:

Where can I find night and evening jobs near me?

We offer night and evening jobs across the country, so there’s sure to be some near you. We have the most evening and night jobs in London, so if you’re stuck, start your search there. Or, take a gander at our many evening and night jobs in Birmingham. Are neither of these cities suitable? Take a look at the full list of cities on this page for work near you.

How can I stay updated on the latest evening jobs?

Simply make a YC profile. There, turn on vacancy alerts, and we’ll send you all the latest relevant evening jobs.

Do you offer night jobs in Scotland?

You bet; all you need to do is find your city or town in the list on this page. Or, go directly to the popular night-shift jobs in Glasgow and Edinburgh.