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Finding a graduate job can be tough, we know. Employers often expect you two already have two years of experience right out of uni - how is that fair? That’s why we have pages full of graduate vacancies that are perfect for their namesake, graduates! Take a gander at the entry-level jobs for graduates we have on your city or town’s page to find work that speaks to you. Before you apply, make a YC profile, as you’ll only have to enter your contact details and CV once. Now, start applying for those graduate jobs - it only takes a few minutes!

Your guide to graduate jobs

Are you feeling a bit lost? Whether graduation is right around the corner or it’s already passed, it’s okay to not know what your next step is. That’s why we’ve created this guide, full of tips about everything graduate job related, to help you find your way. So let’s get started, and hopefully by the end of this, you’ll come out with a new graduate job.

How to find a graduate job

Finding graduate work is easy on our platform, thanks to our handy filtering tool. Tick off work preferences like job category, and sort the page by distance or date of posting. You can even enter keywords for a more specific search, like ‘immediate start’ for graduate jobs that hire quickly. With just a few clicks, you’ve weeded out all the irrelevant vacancies. If you’re not ready to apply yet, no worries, you can save all your favourites to your profile for later.

If you’ve found a vacancy you like but aren’t sure how to make sure you land it, don’t fret, as we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to get a graduate job. First, you’ll need a polished CV. This is where you put your skills, qualifications, and experience on full display - just make sure to keep it short and sweet. There are many templates available online for you to follow if you’re feeling stuck. Want to know what top employers look for? They’re after candidates who go the extra mile; do this by attaching a cover letter with your application. Show off a bit of personality and confidence, and tell them why you should get the job. With these two documents, you’ll be landing a grad job in no time. Wondering how to apply for that graduate job? It’s easy, just tap ‘apply directly’ in the posting and follow the simple steps - so get going!

The best graduate jobs in the UK

There is no definitive best graduate job, but there are definitely some that are more popular and higher paying. Graduate jobs in marketing are a pretty sought-after choice, as there are typically lots of them available, and they’re great for earning some experience. There are many open entry-level marketing jobs, as the industry’s constantly looking for new talent, right out of uni, with fresh ideas. So for those who are social experts with a passion for advertising, we recommend looking in marketing.

If you want to pay off your student loan quick, then make bank with a graduate accounting job. Great for anyone with a background in business or finance, these vacancies will have you crunching numbers in spreadsheets galore. At a graduate, entry-level accounting job, you may be stuck doing the lackey tasks for a while, but it’s a great starting point to move up the job ladder.

Want to know the industry where the best-paid graduate jobs lie? It’s no surprise: IT. There are many entry-level jobs in IT and tech for those of you who are computer-savvy, whether you want a programmer, support worker, or software developer entry-level job. Check out all our IT jobs to find graduate work that not only interests you, but pays you well too.

So far, we’ve been talking about entry-level office jobs, but what about options for those not looking to work in that environment? Well, how about one of our work-from-home jobs suited for graduates. We have roles doing anything from data entry to tutoring online, so you can make money while staying comfy in bed. To find an entry-level remote job, simply click through to our WFH page and filter by graduate work.

What graduate jobs you can get with your degree

If you’re stuck wondering what you can actually do with your degree, don’t worry, let’s consider your graduate job options.

What jobs can you get with a psychology degree? Well, graduates can work in marketing, communications, or management. Positions in marketing and communications are great psychology degree jobs as you understand how the mind works and what makes it tick. Understanding people also makes for a great leader, so if you’re interested in working in management, we have opportunities available for you.

Do you have an English degree, and want a job that takes advantage of what you’ve learnt? We have communications jobs perfect for you then. You could be writing or producing, for example, where your mastery of the English language will come in handy. Or would you rather mentor the next generation and pass on your knowledge? We also have teaching jobs that are ideal for graduates.

How about the jobs you can get with a business degree? We have many graduate jobs in finance that are ideal for you. If you’re a numbers ninja, entry-level finance jobs are the way to go. Make bank by working at a bank: get a job at ABN AMRO. Their vacancies are especially great for those who have an economics degree. What about jobs for business graduates that are more people-focussed? Our recommendation: HR roles. You’ll get to work with others on the daily, helping solve interpersonal issues and making change in your company. Take a gander at some of our HR jobs if this is graduate work you’re interested in.

So that’s our guide for anything and everything graduate job related. If you haven’t found something that sparks your interest in this guide, don’t fret, do some exploring on our website yourself. Does a regular full-time job sound good? Simply select your city of choice, and find an entry-level job just right for you.

FAQs about graduate jobs:

Do you offer graduate engineering jobs?

You bet! We have a page full of engineering jobs; just apply the ‘graduate’ filter or pick vacancies that match your degree.

Where can I find graduate jobs near me?

Right here! We have a large selection of cities and towns across the UK, so there’s sure to be one near you. We offer the most graduate jobs in London and Manchester, so if you’re a bit lost, start there.

How can I find out when new graduate jobs get posted?

Easy, just sign up with us. You can set work preferences in your profile to be notified when the latest graduate jobs go live.

What are the best entry-level jobs for high school graduates?

Our top picks lie in logistics: driving jobs and warehouse jobs. Grads love them because they’re easy and quick to get started in, and teach you valuable skills. Win-win!

How can I get a graduate job with no experience?

You’re in luck, because most of our graduate jobs require nothing but your degree or other certification - little to no experience is needed!