Recruiting staff

Are you trying to recruit staff but can’t seem to fill your vacancies? Then let us take care of the recruitment and selection process for you. Thanks to our network, your vacancy can reach hundreds of thousands of job seekers in a short period of time. Our recruiters select only the very best candidates for an interview. Once we’ve found the perfect match for you, we’ll take care of the introduction, which can be as soon as the very next day. So, do you want to recruit employees quickly? We are happy to help. Interested?

Recruiting and selecting staff through YoungCapital means:

  • A huge online reach;
  • Access to our database with over 1.5 million interesting profiles;
  • Not going through resumes, introductions or checking references. We do all of that for you;
  • You only interview the very best candidates.

Found a match? You hire the candidate yourself, no middle-men needed. You pay an agreed-upon one-off recruitment and selection fee. The price depends on the scarcity of the candidates fitting your profile in your region. Contact us for free advice and more information about the costs.

Verschil uitzenden en werving en selectie

What is the difference between temporary employment and recruitment and selection?

During the recruitment and selection of staff, you task us with finding the most suitable candidate for your vacancy. You are the legal employer and are responsible for the candidate's employment, their salary and the costs associated with absenteeism.

If you opt for temporary employment, our task does not end after the recruitment and selection process. We’ll also put the candidate under our own contract. We are the candidate’s legal employer and responsible for their contract, salary and payment in the event of illness or absenteeism.

What are the costs of recruitment and selection?

The exact costs of recruitment and selection of staff depends on the scarcity of the candidate profile you’re looking for and your region. That’s why we always give you a tailor-made price proposal, based on our data. Want to know more? Please contact us, for more information about the costs, free of charge.

Recruitment and selection is cheaper than hiring a temporary worker. That's because you’ll take care of the administration and salary payment, and be responsible for any risks.


How long does the recruitment and selection process take?

We can’t say exactly how long it will take us to recruit and select staff for you, as this depends on several factors. However, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to find the perfect match as quickly as possible. Sometimes we even succeed within one day.

Not just any recruitment and selection agency

What distinguishes YoungCapital from other recruitment and selection agencies? Our expertise. We have specialised in online marketing and young people for twenty years, so we are easy to find online. And that’s convenient because almost all job seekers start their job search on the internet. Add to that our effective marketing campaigns, through which we manage to attract and retain the attention of young people. It’s no surprise that we can find the most suitable candidates in a short time.

Werving en selectiebureau

Frequently asked questions

  • What is recruitment and selection?

  • Recruitment and selection is the entire process of finding the right employee, from uploading the vacancy text to going through CVs and conducting interviews.

  • What are the advantages of letting YoungCapital recruit and select staff for you?

  • Letting YoungCapital recruit and select employees saves you a lot of valuable time. Our (online) reach for young people is enormous, which means that we can find suitable candidates for you much faster. As a market leader in the field of youth and work, we know exactly what we are doing. And the great thing is: you only pay when your new employee has completed their probationary period.

  • Who legally hires the candidate after the recruitment and selection process?

  • You do. We take care of the entire recruitment and selection process, including initial employment. From that moment on, you are the legal employer responsible for paying the candidate's salary and costs associated with absenteeism. Would you rather leave this to us? Then choose a YoungCapital temporary worker, and we will arrange everything.

  • What are the costs of YoungCapital’s recruitment and selection process?

  • It differs. The costs mainly depend on the difficulty of the job profile you are looking for. The region in question can also have an influence. That is why we always make a tailor-made price proposal so you know where you stand. We take our data, create an estimate and tell you what we can offer for what amount.

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Looking to recruit staff? Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll create a tailor-made proposal. Would you rather speak to someone directly? Call us on 0203 743 0081