Airbus Jobs

There are 1 jobs available at Airbus

A career with Airbus means:

  • learning first-hand how a giant in aviation operates;
  • personal development and upskilling opportunities;
  • a wide range of roles, from engineering to sales to logistics;
  • incentives and perks to encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

What you should know about Airbus jobs

Want to get a job at Airbus, one of the biggest names in aviation in the world? Of course you do! It would be a great addition to your CV no matter what sector you’re looking to work in. Airbus has employment opportunities in more than just engineering and mechanics. With everything from admin to finance to sales jobs, Airbus has vacancies for everyone. And, thanks to its in-house upskilling and training opportunities, you can build your whole career at Airbus right from day one. Whether you’re looking to switch up your existing career, or you’re looking for your first ever graduate job, Airbus has it all.

So, we know you can find all sorts of job vacancies at Airbus, across many different fields. But are they worth it? Short answer: absolutely! Long answer: Airbus jobs come with a number of employee benefits and perks to help you achieve a good work-life balance, as well as competitive pay packages, of course. You can opt for different rewards and bonuses like parental and family leave, international mobility and discounted travel, and discounts across many retail brands. Sounds pretty enticing, right? All the more reason to work at Airbus! Apply through YoungCapital to get things in motion quickly and easily.

Finding your new job at Airbus

Searching and applying for Airbus jobs through YoungCapital is a breeze. Not only do we have a handy filtering tool and helpful job application tips to see you through, but we also provide personalised, one-on-one help throughout. Our recruiters will be in touch with you after you sign up to guide you through applying to Airbus vacancies. They can coach you through which jobs to apply for given your skills and qualifications, for example if you need an engineering degree or if work experience would be enough. Basically they’ve got your back, so make use of their wisdom and experience; sign up to YoungCapital and make it easy as pie to apply for a job at Airbus.

FAQs about working at Airbus

  • Where can I hear about new Airbus jobs?

    Right here on YoungCapital, of course. We’ve always got a new selection of Airbus vacancies popping up, so you’ll always find fresh jobs on our site. Better yet, turn on your email alerts to have all new jobs at Airbus sent directly to your inbox as soon as they pop up.

  • Does Airbus offer graduate jobs?

    There are many jobs at Airbus suitable for entry-level candidates like yourself, mostly in the head office. Just like any other company, Airbus needs a strong team working behind the scenes to keep things running. That could be you, so apply to Airbus asap to find your new role.

  • What kind of hours do you work in an Airbus job?

    There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to the hours you can work at Airbus. Both full and part-time jobs, since staff are needed to cover all sorts of hours. Jobs in logistics and transport often run into evenings and weekends, so try for one of those if you’re looking to work outside the typical 9-5.

  • Where can I find jobs at Airbus near me?

    You can find any and all Airbus jobs in your area by using our filtering tool. Just enter the city or town name you’re interested in into the search box, and you’ll see all the vacancies on offer there. If you don’t see any you like, try searching for jobs by location to see opportunities with other great companies similar to Airbus near you.