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Working at Capita means:

  • experience isn’t a priority to apply for their jobs;
  • limitless opportunities for career growth and development;
  • potential to work in different countries around in the world;
  • flexible and hybrid work opportunities to fit your lifestyle;
  • various employee benefits such as discounts or memberships.

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What you should know about Capita jobs

On the lookout for jobs at Capita UK? You’re at the right address! Capita delivers innovative solutions to transform and simplify the links between businesses and customers, and governments and citizens. They offer unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise across each of the industries they support. Known for its motivating and highly encouraging company culture and values, a career with Capita is a great move. They offer an impressive list of jobs, ranging from entry-level (graduate) positions to top-tier management roles – there’s something for everyone. Plus, they provide a variety of personal and professional development programs that’ll help you thrive in your job! So why wait? Take this chance to join the dynamic workforce of Capita; jobs are up for grabs.

Capita job types, requirements, and benefits

Working for Capita is a great way to kickstart or develop your career. There's a huge variety of vacancies on offer at Capita, from graduate level jobs where you can gain some initial experience, to senior positions with more management responsibilities. Common roles range from software developers to customer service agents, civil engineers to data scientists, athletic trainers to project managers and many more.

To be eligible for most Capita jobs you'll need plenty of enthusiasm, teamwork skills, and good communication abilities - so make sure you're flexing those muscles before you apply! And if that wasn't enough, imagine all the valuable knowledge and wisdom that comes along with a career at Capita? You'll have new skills coming out of your ears. If you’re after a specialised role, do make sure you have some relevant experience and degree to increase your chances of success.

You’ll find both full-time and part-time jobs at Capita, with a competitive salary to go along. So whether you’re looking for a 9-5 job, or custom working hours that fit around your lifestyle - Capita is the place for you. Not only can you get paid for working hard, but also receive some of the most lucrative employee benefits in the market - all thanks to their commitment to making sure their staff are happy and rewarded for the hard work they put in!

FAQs about working at Capita

  • How can I find employment with Capita near me?

    To find a Capita job vacancy in your area, all you need to do is enter your city or town in the designated field on this page. If no Capita vacancies show up near you, simply turn on vacancy alerts in your profile. That means you’ll be the first to know when new Capita jobs pop up in your area.

  • What’s it like working at Capita?

    Capita is committed to creating a working environment that protects, supports, and promotes the well-being and health of its colleagues working across the world. That’s why they offer a variety of rewards, benefits, support systems, and development opportunities to help you thrive, succeed and bring your whole, true self to work. Eager to become part of the community? Discover and apply for Capita jobs today!

  • Where can I find similar jobs to Capita jobs?

    There are plenty of other great alternatives to Capita jobs – we work with plenty of other awesome companies looking for talent like you. Have some experience in the finance industry? Get a job with Deloitte. Want to contribute to sustainability? Check out our exciting Nestlé jobs. There’s truly something for everyone!

  • How can I stay up to date with the latest Capita jobs?

    To stay up to date with the latest Capita vacancies, simply go to your profile and turn on job alerts. This means that every time a new Capita job pops up in our database, you’ll be the first to get a notification straight to your inbox. In the meantime, you can also check out YoungCapital’s free resources like a CV builder and job application tips.