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Working at Card Factory means:

  • being part of a supportive, forward-thinking, and ambitious team;
  • a chance to grow your personal and professional skill sets;
  • flexible working hours to fit your lifestyle and goals;
  • various employee benefits such as discounts on memberships;
  • Long-term, ongoing contracts are available.

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What you should know about Card Factory jobs

There are many reasons to apply for a job at Card Factory UK. It's one of the biggest UK employers with job vacancies in a variety of departments – from retail, digital, and marketing to IT, HR, and finance. Not only will a career with Card Factory help you grow professionally - it's great for your CV too! The company culture is extremely inclusive, making it the perfect environment for new faces. Plus, you'll have no trouble rising up the career ladder with their career progression plans in place. With Card Factory, the possibilities are endless – so why not take the plunge today and give yourself the career boost you've been after? Explore all our Card Factory jobs right here on this page.

Card factory jobs and benefits

Card Factory is a great place to launch or further develop your career. From entry-level positions to professional management roles, Card Factory has vacancies that suit every type of jobseeker. Requirements to apply vary depending on the role, so it's best to read the Card Factory job vacancy carefully. However, don’t be spooked if you don’t have them all - they’re usually just a description of the perfect applicant. Most roles will require some form of customer service skills and enthusiasm, as well as whatever additional competencies that a particular job needs. With the many diverse jobs available at Card Factory, you'll be able to quickly pick up new skills to add to your CV.

If you’re not ready to make a full-time commitment, Card Factory offers part-time jobs to those looking for some flexibility. This means you can have some downtime to attend to other commitments or pursue other hobbies on the side. Part-time roles could include shop assistant, cashier, or warehouse operative, depending on where your interests lie. Prefer a more stable schedule, and already have some experience under your belt? Card Factory has you covered. Specialised roles such as user & service researcher, data administrator, or accountant are all among your options. Plus, you’ll get paid well for it too, because everyone knows a competitive salary is essential. With added perks such as employee discounts and regular performance incentives, employment at Card Factory is sure to give your career the boost it deserves.

FAQs about working at Card Factory

  • How do I find a Card Factory job near me?

    Easy! In order to find Card Factory jobs in your area, input the name of your town or your postcode in the search bar right here on this page. If nothing that suits your preferences shows up, you can always set job alerts to receive notifications for when new Card Factory vacancies go live in your profile.

  • How do I apply for a job with Card Factory?

    Submitting applications for Card Factory vacancies is a piece of cake. First, register an account. Once you do, one of our recruiters can contact you to give personal advice. Found a suitable vacancy? Just hit ‘apply directly’ and submit your documents. Need some help? Use our free resources like our CV maker and job application tips.

  • Where can I find similar jobs to Card Factory jobs?

    There are many ways you can find jobs similar to those offered at Card Factory. You can check out all our jobs by city or by industry. Need some suggestions? We’ve got you covered. Are you solutions-oriented and love helping people? Check out our customer service jobs. Just graduated? We have a page dedicated to graduate jobs. Already have tons of experience? Take your career to the next level in a managerial role.