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A career with Dobbies means:

  • joining the UK’s largest, most popular garden centre retailer;
  • choosing from a wide and diverse range of career paths;
  • being part of a dynamic, passionate, and driven team;
  • getting the chance to put your green fingers to good use;
  • benefitting from exclusive perks and employee discounts.

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Why to get a job with Dobbies

When taking on a job with Dobbies, you’re becoming part of a driven, passionate, and fast-growing team – in fact, you’ll be joining the largest garden centre retailer in the UK. This means that there are tons of career opportunities at Dobbies that are ready for the taking. You can go green and work in the garden centre, or hone your culinary skills at a Dobbies restaurant. Whichever you choose, you can look forward to being treated to exclusive staff discounts. This is just another reason why employment at Dobbies is so desirable. So, if you think a job with Dobbies is the way to go, read on to see how you can land one with our help.

How to get a job at Dobbies

Let’s get straight to it: you want a job with Dobbies, so we’ll help you to get one. If you’re looking to land one of Dobbies’ restaurant staff jobs, there are some things that should definitely be included in your CV. Be sure to mention any previous experience you might have had working in the industry. If you’re a first-timer, focus on your skills. Make it known that you’re a team player with top-notch people skills. You’ll greatly increase your chances of landing an interview if your resume is customised to the Dobbies vacancy you’re applying for. So head on over to our free CV builder to craft a smashing document in a jiffy.

FAQs about working at Dobbies

  • How can I find jobs with Dobbies near me?

    If you’re looking for Dobbies jobs in your area, simply adjust the distance in our filtering tool. This’ll show you all the vacancies with Dobbies near you. You could also add the town or city you’d like to find work into the search bar, and we’ll show you all the relevant roles in a jiffy.

  • Is Dobbies a good company to work for?

    Without a doubt. Apart from the fact that Dobbies is the top garden centre retailer in the UK, it’s also one of the best retailers to work at. Together with the company’s positive working culture, their employee-only perks make it clear why a job at Dobbies is a sought-after thing in the UK.

  • Are there part-time jobs available at Dobbies?

    There sure are. Dobbies offers many part-time jobs that can be moulded according to your personal schedule. Can’t find part-time vacancies with Dobbies that works for you? Then switch on your email alerts to receive relevant roles straight to your inbox, and explore our other part-time jobs while you’re at it.

  • Why should I apply for a job with Dobbies through YoungCapital?

    Your YoungCapital profile lets you find and apply to as many Dobbies vacancies as you like. You’ll also receive tons of support from our recruiters, or via the various tips and tools on our platform. Simply put, applying for Dobbies vacancies with us makes the process go by quickly and smoothly.