Lidl Jobs

There are 5 jobs available at Lidl

A career with Lidl means:

  • learning first-hand how a multinational brand operates;
  • personal development plans to help you grow professionally;
  • a wide range of roles, from marketing to retail to logistics;
  • care for your wellbeing, including flexible work opportunities;
  • being part of a team committed to sustainability and diversity.

What you should know about Lidl jobs

A job with Lidl is a valuable addition to any CV, no matter what kind of role you opt for. When you begin a career with Lidl, you’re joining a team that uses individual talent to maximise its productivity. It’s the only way to keep such a bustling, fast-paced business running. But, it’s not all about the success of the company; your personal wellbeing is also an important part of working at Lidl. Some benefits include employee discounts, flexible working hours, and personal development plans. And, there’s a wide variety of roles, so no matter where your strengths lie, there’ll be something to pique your interest. From customer service to admin to driver jobs, Lidl has it all. Want to know more about applying to Lidl? Read on to see just how easy YoungCapital makes it.

Find a job with Lidl with YoungCapital

Ready to apply for a job with Lidl? That’s what we’re here for. The first step is creating an account with us. This’ll allow you to save Lidl vacancies as you find them, so you don’t have to worry about missing an opportunity. Don’t forget to add your CV and contact details to your profile, so that you have them ready when you do want to apply. Don’t yet have a CV, or does yours need a refresher? Use our free CV builder to make sure it’s up to scratch for a job vacancy at Lidl. Once that’s all together, you’re ready to start browsing and applying. Not sure where to start? Give our recruiters a call! They’re on hand to talk you through every step of the process. In fact, they’ll reach out to you once you create your account, so they might beat you to the punch.

Now, on to the actual jobs with Lidl. Use our filtering tool to narrow down your options and save valuable job-hunting time. Use keywords like ‘warehouse’ or ‘retail’ to find jobs at Lidl that are exactly what you need, and enter your preferred location to find ‘Lidl jobs near me’. Not seeing anything that takes your fancy? Turn on your email alerts so that we can keep you up to date with all the latest Lidl vacancies that pop up. Need some tips on how to secure your employment with Lidl? Have a read of our job application tips; they cover everything from your application to the interview to how to accept a job.

FAQs about working at Lidl

  • What are the benefits of applying for a Lidl job through YoungCapital?

    When you apply for Lidl jobs with YoungCapital, you get hands-on assistance at every step of the process. Our recruiters are there to help you with any questions and queries you may have, and to offer advice on the best jobs to go for.

  • Does Lidl offer graduate jobs?

    Absolutely! Lidl has jobs for graduates both in store and in the support offices, for example in management, HR, and finance roles. Put your degree to good use and get paid for it – win-win! Can’t see any entry-level jobs at Lidl that suit you? Have a look at our full selection of graduate jobs to expand your horizons.

  • What kind of hours do you work in a Lidl job?

    The beauty of working at Lidl is that full-time jobs and part-time jobs are both available. Stores need to be manned through the evenings and weekends, and products need to be shipped and transported at all hours of the day. So, no matter when you’re free, you can find jobs at Lidl to suit your schedule.

  • What are some companies that offer similar jobs to Lidl?

    Not seeing any jobs you like at Lidl? Luckily, the UK has a bunch of similar retailers who are also eager to hire fresh talent like you. Have a look at some jobs at ASDA, Tesco, and Aldi to see if anything there suits you better.