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Working at Matalan means:

  • you’ll work for a leading online fashion retailer in the UK;
  • opportunities to move up in and across the retail industry;
  • free trainings to develop your personal and professional growth;
  • plenty of flexibility - work during off-peak hours;
  • full-time or part-time contracts, and temp or seasonal jobs.

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What you should know about Matalan jobs

If you’re looking to kickstart or further develop your career in retail, a job at Matalan UK is a great move! With their team-oriented company culture and values, there are endless possibilities to get rooted within the company. Whether you’re looking to get your foot in the door, learn from industry professionals, or climb the ladder of success, Matalan careers are for anyone and everyone. On top of this, Matalan's commitment to personal and professional development ensures employees have all the support they need to succeed. It’s an exciting opportunity to join a passionate team and experience growth both career-wise and personally – there’s no limit to where you can go! So why wait? Apply for jobs at Matalan today.

Job opportunities at Matalan and benefits

Matalan has both entry-level positions for graduates and management-level opportunities for experienced jobseekers. Whatever job you're targeting at Matalan, the company looks for hard-working individuals who can demonstrate their commitment, communication, and collaboration skills. At entry-level, you can gain valuable work experience and grow alongside the business as you progress in your role. For example, warehouse jobs at Matalan are great for beginners seeking first-time experience. For those after management roles, a degree or other professional qualifications are often beneficial, as they demonstrate an ability to learn new concepts and skills quickly. A career at Matalan offers something for everyone, giving you a chance not only to develop professionally but also benefit your long-term career prospects in an exciting and dynamic working environment.

Whether you’re in it for the long-run, or prefer something short-term and flexible, you’re covered at Matalan. Both part-time jobs and full-time positions are available, meaning you can choose the working hours that fit into your lifestyle and balance it with the commitment you're willing to make. Plus, Matalan offers competitive salaries for their employees - so you'll be paid well for your time! And if all of this wasn't great enough, there are plenty of benefits to working at Matalan; from flexible working hours to discounts on purchases from the store. All in all, working at Matalan gives you the best of both worlds!

FAQs about working at Matalan

  • How do I find Matalan jobs near me?

    To find Matalan jobs in your area, simply enter the name of your town and city in the search bar on this page. Are no vacancies popping up right now? Don’t sweat it! You can always set job alerts to receive notifications for when a new Matalan job vacancy goes live.

  • How do I apply for Matalan jobs?

    Do you have your CV and cover letter at the ready, and have you registered for a YoungCapital account? Then all you need to do is hit ‘apply directly’ straight from the vacancy - from there, just follow the on-screen instructions to apply for a Matalan job. Need help? You can always contact us. Or, just our free resources like our CV builder and job application tips.

  • What are the requirements for a Matalan job?

    The requirements for working at Matalan varies per job type. If you’re looking for a starter role that doesn’t require a degree or prior work experience, then a warehouse job would be a solid option. Are you specialised, and do you have a background in tech? Then browse through our technical jobs.