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Landing a job with Meggitt means:

  • joining a top-tier manufacturing company with a huge influence;
  • endless opportunities for personal and professional development;
  • joining a close-knit team of passionate individuals and leaders;
  • having control over your personal career goals and ambitions;
  • great employee benefits in physical and mental wellbeing.

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What you should know about Meggitt careers

A career with Meggitt is a unique opportunity to get your foot in the door of the aerospace, deference, and energy sectors. You’ll be helping to deliver their vision of ‘Enabling the Extraordinary’ – keeping the world flying with over 73,000 Meggitt-equipped aircraft, protecting countless lives with their technologies, keeping those who put their lives at risk safer, and ensuring that the lights stay on for millions of people. Meggitt believes in a culture of collaboration and innovation, meaning there's no better place to strive for excellence and seek out colleagues with an analogous mindset. With YoungCapital, you’ll find the best available jobs with Meggitt UK – and we make it easy to apply too. So if you're ready to take your career to the next level, don't wait to check out Meggitt careers and start making moves today!

Types of Meggitt careers

With Meggitt jobs spread across the globe, there’s no shortage of exciting opportunities available. Meggitt hires go far beyond engineers and pilots. Their specialised areas range from military vehicle repairs to helping teachers teach aviation safety in schools. Meggitt's work covers a variety of disciplines, so there’s a role for everyone – from professional aviation executives to secure specialists with degrees in cybersecurity. They even have research roles for individuals that are looking for something closer to home! Whatever you're looking for in terms of career development, a career with Meggitt promises a stimulating and rewarding experience.

FAQs about working at Meggitt

  • How do I find Meggitt careers near me?

    To find Meggitt careers near you, follow these simple steps: Navigate to the search bar marked ‘city or postcode’ on this page, enter the name or postcode of your town or city, and hit search. Not getting results? Adjust the distance filter to expand the scope. Still can’t find vacancies? Turn on vacancy alerts in your profile to receive notifications when new Meggitt jobs go live.

  • How do I apply for a career at Meggitt?

    To benefit from all the perks on our site such as saving vacancies, setting jobs alerts, and keep track of applications, make sure you register with us. After that, the process of finding and applying for jobs at Meggitt UK is very straightforward. Give it a go!

  • How can I stay up to date with the latest Meggitt careers?

    To stay updated with the latest Meggitt jobs, simply go to your profile and turn on job alerts. Every time a new vacancy pops up in our database, you’ll be the first to get a notification straight to your inbox. While you wait, why not check out YoungCapital’s free resources? We have a free CV builder and useful job application tips to help you out.