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Perks of getting a job at Screwfix:

  • gain experience in customer-orientated service;
  • a range of roles, from shop-floor to driving to customer service;
  • personal development plans with a focus on digital education;
  • employee benefits, from discounts to personal finance training;
  • a culture that values independent thinking and individuality.

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What to know about Screwfix jobs

When you land a job with Screwfix, you’ll be joining a company that’s built on customer service and teamwork. They’re not just there to solve DIY problems; a career at Screwfix allows you to grow and learn while you earn a living. With a wide range of vacancies at Screwfix, from warehouse jobs to retail work, you can develop your skills no matter what they might be. And, if sustainability is high on your agenda, then you’ll be happy to hear that Screwfix is on the same page. With new schemes such as power-tool recycling being introduced constantly, you can rest assured that employment with Screwfix will add to your good karma. Sounds good? Start looking for your ideal Screwfix jobs with YoungCapital.

Finding suitable Screwfix jobs

Finding the right jobs with Screwfix is a doddle, thanks to YoungCapital. Whether you want a full-on, full-time sales job or just need a retail job at the weekend to top up your bank account, we’ve got you covered. You can quickly and easily refine all the available jobs by using our filtering tool. Add your preferences for the job specs, like secondary education or part-time job, to find the Screwfix vacancies that are right for you. Just make sure you’re logged into your profile so you can save any good vacancies while you search; that way, they’ll be ready and waiting for you when you want to apply.

FAQs about working at Screwfix

  • Is Screwfix a good place to work?

    Absolutely! You’ll be in a company that puts high-quality, customer-focussed performance at the top of the agenda, but it’s not all hard work. Between the friendly colleagues, valuable industry experience, and opportunities to build a career, Screwfix offers you chances to grow as a person.

  • What are the benefits of applying for a Screwfix job through YoungCapital?

    We offer one-to-one advice and assistance to help young professionals like you get the most out of their job hunt. We can help you find the right job with Screwfix by talking you through the application process or directing you to the tips and tricks on our site. Or, we can guide you to helpful tools like our free CV builder, so you can set about perfecting your application on your own.

  • How do I find Screwfix jobs near me?

    Just add your town or city name to the search box, and select the distance you want to travel. For example, if you’re looking for a Screwfix job in London, just type in ‘London’ and hit ‘search’. It’s that simple, so try it out for yourself!

  • Are there logistics jobs available at Screwfix?

    There sure are. While most of the jobs you see at Screwfix are customer-facing retail types, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes logistics work that keep things running. Interested in a career in logistics? Then check out the more general logistics jobs and warehouse work we have to offer.