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Are you looking for a counselling job, so that you can help people through difficult times? Let YoungCapital help you out with your search. We’ve got heaps of jobs in the counselling field dotted all across the UK. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to our simplified process, you’ll be sure to find counselling jobs that suit exactly what you’re looking for. Create an account with us to stay up to date with all the latest vacancies, and save your favourites to your profile – you don’t want to miss out on your ideal counselling job!

What to know about counselling jobs

There are so many different counselling jobs, but which are the best? You might also be wondering, ‘is counselling even a good career?’ Let us talk you through all the reasons to become a counsellor. If you’ve just qualified, and are looking for your first proper job, there are lots of entry-level counselling jobs available with no experience required. You’ll likely be supervised by a more experienced counsellor, until you can show that you’ve got the hang of things. A great place to start is a student counselling job. This work involves coaching students through academic difficulties, problems at home, and generally dealing with their emotions maturely. This is a great gig for a first-timer because it can be taken on as a part-time job. Counselling jobs can be very emotionally challenging, so it’s a good idea to ease your way in and build up your abilities. When you’re ready, you can then move up to a full-time counselling job.

If you still need to adapt to the working world before you fully embrace your job in counselling, why not try a work-from-home job? Counselling has become a remote industry thanks to things like video calling and online services. You can help people work through their problems from the safety and comfort of your home – perfect if you’re more on the introverted side. Or, take on a weekend counselling job to help people who are stuck for time from Monday to Friday. That way, you can build up your experience at a pace that suits you, while still making some cash to pay the bills.

We haven’t talked about the other type of counselling job out there: summer camp counsellors! If you’re more into adventures and having a bit of fun, then this one is for you. Spend the summer months teaching and minding kids and teenagers, enjoying the outdoors and (hopefully) the good weather. There are different types of camps you can work at too, so whether you’re a fan of sports, arts, or the outdoors, you’ll find one for you. You can work at a camp in the UK, or even travel abroad for your summer job. It’s up to you to choose your adventure. Check out the different types of careers in counselling to the one that suits what you’re after. Not sure if counselling jobs are really for you? Check out alternatives like advice jobs or help desk jobs to build up your experience and knowledge.

How to get a counselling job near me

It can be tough to find counselling jobs that suit what you’re looking for. Thanks to YoungCapital, though, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve perfected the search process and made it super simple, so you can find your ideal counselling job in a pinch. You may be wondering, ‘are there even counselling jobs near me?’ Of course there are, just pop your city or town into our location search box. You’ll find counselling jobs in London, counselling jobs in Manchester, or wherever you are, in no time. You can also use our filter tool to pull up jobs based on distance, education level, and type of employment, or enter keywords to really narrow it down. Your search couldn’t be made easier, so don’t delay – start hunting for counselling jobs today.

Once you’ve found the job in the counselling field that suits you to a tee, you’re all set to start the application process. Once again, we’ve made it super simple so that you can maximise your chances of landing a great counselling job asap. Just add your CV and contact details to your profile, so you have them ready for all future applications. Then, attach a clear and concise cover letter, that explains why you’re the best one for the job. Finally, click ‘apply’ on the vacancies you like, and you’re done! You’ll have your job in counselling in the bag in no time!

FAQs about counselling jobs:

When will I hear back about my application for a counselling job?

We try to get back to you within a week of your application for a counselling job, but you can always track the status of your application in your profile.

Can I get a counselling job without a degree?

Most jobs in counselling do require some sort of qualification, but there are a few types of counselling jobs that don’t, such as career or peer support counsellors.

How much can I make in a counselling job?

The average salary for an entry-level counselling job is around £20,000-£23,000. The best-paying counselling jobs are the more specialised ones, like addiction counsellors.