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Are you looking for a call centre job near you? Look no further than this page! YoungCapital offers tons of job opportunities in every sector. It doesn't matter whether you're on the hunt for an office or work-from-home call centre job; we offer it. Only have time to work part-time? We've got you covered with our part-time call centre jobs. Ready to commit to a 36-40 hour work week? Adjust the filter option to 'full-time'. Since most of our call centre vacancies are entry-level, students and first-timers can also apply. Before you get started, make a YC profile, upload your CV, and see what types of call centre jobs are available near you!

How to find a call centre job

Before you tap 'apply now' for your ideal role, read through the job description and requirements for a call centre staff job. Do your skills match the ones needed in order to execute your daily tasks properly? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and apply! But just to give you a general idea of what kind of skills are required for a call centre job: customer service skills, being detail-oriented, empathy, able to work well under pressure, excellent verbal communication skills, and listening skills. It doesn't matter in what type of job industry you choose to work in; these skills will be applicable to every job in customer service.

Do you have a background in financial services, and would you like to work as a call centre agent for a bank? Consider applying for a bank call centre job. Would you rather work in customer service in the retail sector? See our retail jobs, and see if you find any positions open for a call centre staff job. If you already know what type of call centre job you're after in your city, use the filter tool on this page. This will narrow down your job search quick and easy, and eliminate all the vacancies that don't meet your requirements. Once you find a couple of call centre vacancies that you like, go ahead and save them to your account. How? Just click on the heart icon – easy-peasy.

Are you wondering what cities we offer call centre jobs in? Don't fret, we've got you covered! If you enjoy living and working in a lively and busy city, look no further than our call centre jobs in London. There are tons of options available in the capital city, seeing as it has many small and large organisations. Another great option would be to apply for a call centre staff job in Manchester. The city is a booming business centre with lots of opportunities in customer service for everyone. Living in another city? No problem! Scroll through the different call centre job vacancies in the UK.

The average salary for a call centre job can range anywhere from £15,000 to £28,000 per year. This number might vary depending on the hours worked, type of contract you have, and your role. Your day-to-day tasks will include: answering phone calls and emails, and depending on whether you've acquired an outbound or inbound call centre job, your main focus will be either calling customers or handling calls. Want to see what industries offer customer service roles? Explore the different job industries. So what are you waiting for? Get to exploring our call centre vacancies and tap 'apply now' in no time!

No-experience call centre jobs

Most of our call centre vacancies require little to no work experience. But we'll let you in on the industries that are easier to land a call centre job. Finding a job in sales as a call centre representative is easy, seeing as you'll get on-the-job training. Furthermore, there is always demand for people in sales. You'll be working with monthly targets and will be calling people the entire day to convince them to buy your product or service. WFH call centre jobs are easy to land in every industry that offers this possibility, because again you'll get on-the-job training in the first week, and then be able to execute your job from the comfort of your own space. You'll be answering emails, online chats, and calls – taking inbound calls will be your main responsibility. Just make sure you emphasize that empathy and working with people are your top skills, and we're sure you'll land that call centre staff position near you!

FAQs about call centre staff jobs:

How do I get a call centre job with no experience?

We offer tons of entry-level call centre staff jobs. The most common role for first-timers are call centre agent jobs.

Are there any work-from-home call centre jobs available?

Yes there is! Visit our work-from-home jobs and adjust the filter option to 'call centre staff jobs'.

How can I stay up-to-date with the latest call centre jobs near me?

Stay up-to-date with the latest call centre staff jobs by going to your profile and switching on your job alerts for vacancies near you.