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Are you on the search for engineering jobs? Then you’ve come to the right place! This is our page full of engineering vacancies across the UK, whether you’re after an on-site labourer job or an in-lab biomedical engineer job. Want to make your search super simple? Make a YC account. In your profile, you can save all your favourite vacancies for when you’re ready to apply. And, you can set work preferences to be notified whenever any jobs get posted that match you. So get started with your hunt on this page - your engineering job is around the corner!

How to get an engineering job

Wondering how to find an engineering job? It’s easy: start by entering your preferences into our filters on this page. Select from options like working hours, education level, and language. You can also enter keywords for a more specific search; if you’re after a part-time engineering job with no experience required, select part-time as your employment type and enter ‘no experience’ into the keyword search box. Now you can sort this list of vacancies by either distance or date of posting, whatever takes your fancy.

Do you have a vacancy in mind, but don't know how to apply for engineering jobs? All good, we’ll go through it with you. You’ll need two important documents: a CV and a cover letter. If you don’t have a CV yet, you can find many templates online with a quick search. It needs to be clear, concise, and look professional. This is the first impression you’ll be making, so show top employers your good side. When it’s ready, upload your CV to your profile just once, so you never have to in any future applications. A cover letter is where you show off some personality and really convince employers that you’re the right candidate. When you’ve got these two documents handy, you’re all set to apply for an engineering vacancy, so hit the ‘apply directly’ button and follow the simple steps - it only takes a few minutes!

Types of engineering jobs

‘Engineering’ is such a broad term; it can cover anything from labourer jobs to specialised aerospace engineering jobs. So, in this crowd, how do you know which job is right for you? Let’s go over your options.

If you’re more into hands-on, outdoors work, then you’ll be looking at jobs in construction. Put your hard hat on, as we offer lots of on-site opportunities. There’s a large variation in roles; you could grab a builder, road-work, or site supervisor job. You’ll often have to have completed some kind of apprenticeship for the more specialised roles, though, so make sure you’ve got all the right qualifications. Labour roles are excellent engineering jobs for students, as you can get some experience in the field while you’re studying.

Have you put in the hours at uni and earned your civil engineering degree? We’ve got vacancy options for you, too. Whether you studied transport, environmental, or structural engineering, these jobs are some of the best paying in the sector. And a bonus: you won’t just be stuck in an office, as a civil engineering job will often have you out on the construction site.

Are you more interested in the mechanical side of engineering? Well, for those looking for electrical or mechanical engineering jobs, you’re in luck too. These roles offer an excellent mix of theoretical and practical work, so you’ll never be glued to a screen for too long or left with sore muscles. They also offer great earning potential, so if you’re interested in a high paying engineering job to make bank, these are a good bet.

How about work for the tech gurus? When you hear ‘engineering’, you might immediately think of construction and machines, but there are also a whole lot of data and software engineering jobs. Networks need monitoring, programs need developing, and data needs managing. If you don’t have an engineering degree but are still interested in working in tech, we have a range of ICT jobs available for you.

Engineering jobs for graduates

Have you just completed uni in the field of engineering? First off: well done! We know how tough it can get. Now, it’s time to find you that graduate engineering job in civil, mechanical, or whatever field you studied. For you chemical engineering graduates looking for jobs, you’ll likely be working in a lab, testing, analysing, or researching. There are many entry-level engineering jobs for you software graduates, and for those who are looking for high paying work, this is where the money’s at! We have graduate jobs available all over the UK, so select your city and find a grad engineering job near you.

Where are the best engineering jobs in the UK? Well, that depends on what you’re after. If you’re looking to stay in the city you studied in, check out our pages for student towns: engineering jobs in Bristol and Edinburgh. If you’re looking for where the top firms and most vacancies are, you’ll want to start with the engineering jobs in London. Wherever you end up searching, there’s sure to be some engineering work out there for you.

FAQs about engineering jobs:

How much do engineering jobs pay?

This varies between jobs in the engineering industry, as there are lots of different professions, but the median yearly salary is around £35,000-£45,000.

Where can I find engineering jobs near me?

We offer work across the UK; easily find your local in the navigation bar. You’ll find the most engineering jobs in London, so if you’re stuck, start there. For other big vacancy hubs, check out our engineering jobs in Birmingham and Glasgow.

How can I find part-time engineering jobs?

By using our filters! Under ‘Type of Employment’, you can find whatever contract type you’re after - whether that be a weekend, summer, or remote engineering job.

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