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Looking to set yourself up in a payroll manager job, but finding that you’re getting nowhere with it? Let us help you out! YoungCapital has all the best payroll manager vacancies available, with some of the UK’s top employers, ready and waiting for you to browse through. On our site, you’ll find a great job that will help you kickstart your career as a payroll manager, or keep you moving up the ladder if you already have one. Make sure you sign up with us to stay in the loop with all the latest vacancies, and to save any that catch your eye to your profile. You’ll have your payroll manager job in the bag in no time.

What to know about payroll manager jobs

It’s the payroll manager’s job to ensure that everyone is paid fully and on time, so there’s a lot of responsibility facing you in a role like this. They dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s when it comes to keeping records, and making sure everyone is paying the right amount of tax. Companies across all different job industries need payroll managers to account for all their employees’ wages. There are many levels to the job, all with different responsibilities and rewards. When you first start, you may be working in an assistant payroll manager job, helping the main manager make decisions and enact policies. These make for great part-time jobs, as you can pick up some industry knowledge and experience while earning some extra cash. Who doesn’t love that idea? You would then move up the ladder over time, and maybe eventually landing a payroll director job. Think you’re up for the challenge? Have a look at the various positions we have on this page.

The good thing about payroll manager jobs is that, nowadays, the positions are very varied, and can be adapted to fit around your schedule. There are the classic full-time jobs and part-time roles, of course, but it’s not just limited to them any more. Have you considered a remote payroll manager job? Many businesses are moving more and more of their operations online, which means the number of work-from-home jobs available is on the rise. Do you fancy doing your job from the comfort of your sofa or bed? Then this is the one for you. Check out all our remote jobs for payroll managers under the ‘work-from-home’ filter.

Now onto what really matters in a job like this: the money. You must be wondering what a career as a payroll manager can get you as a salary, and we don’t blame you. The average salary ranges from about £35,000 to £38,000, but it varies a lot depending on your position and level of experience. An entry-level payroll manager, for example, would have a starting salary of around £30,000, but a top-level job like payroll director can closer to £50,000. So, there’s a lot of room to grow and rise through the ranks in a job like this. Interested? In that case, start your search now to increase your chances of landing your ideal payroll manager job.

How to find payroll manager jobs near me

Not sure how to find payroll manager jobs near to where you’re living? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve devised a handy filter that allows you to narrow down your search quickly and easily. All you have to do is enter the town, city, or postcode you’re interested in into our search bar, and you’ll be shown all the vacancies we have there. For example, are you looking for payroll manager jobs in London? Then just type in ‘London’ and hit search. Not a fan of the high cost of living? No worries, there are more options than just the capital city. You can find payroll manager jobs in Manchester, Birmingham, or anywhere else in the UK that takes your fancy. The most important thing is that you start searching asap to boost your chances of finding your ideal role. Is nothing catching your eye? Then take a look at the other management jobs we have on offer – you might find your perfect fit there.

FAQs about payroll manager jobs:

Where can find new payroll manager vacancies?

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Is payroll manager a good career?

A payroll manager job can be a great way to climb the career ladder, as it offers you lots of opportunities for growth and learning. Plus, the competitive salary doesn’t hurt either.

When will I hear back about my application for a payroll manager job?

We usually get in touch with you within a week of you applying for a payroll manager job. If you’re concerned, you can track your application progress in your profile.

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