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Recruiter jobs are a great option for people from all walks of life, whether you’re looking for a temp job, a graduate role, or just a change of career. A recruiter is tasked with finding promising future hires, giving interviews, and keeping an eye on new recruits, among other important duties. Sounds like the kind of role for you? With YoungCapital, you’ll find recruiter job vacancies that’ll suit your schedule and lifestyle, across many different industries. Sign up with us today to stay in the loop with all the newest vacancies, so you never miss an opportunity to land a great recruiter job.

What to know about recruiter jobs

So, why should you work as a recruiter? Is it a good career? Let us walk you through some of the benefits of getting a recruiter job. First of all, the hours can be very flexible and adaptable – it’s not just full-time jobs on offer. There are vacancies for part-time recruiter work, for example. You can put in a few hours, earn some cash, and gain experience for your CV. Does being a recruiter sound like a good part-time job for you? It’s also a perfect opportunity for someone who’s still studying, to fit around your schedule. Have a look at some weekend jobs to find recruiter positions that work for students. You can also find lots of temporary and seasonal recruiter jobs, as companies need to hire more to cover busy periods like Christmas and summer. No matter your schedule, there’ll surely be a talent acquisition or recruiter job for you, so start looking.

Are you looking for something even more flexible and convenient? Well, another perk of recruiter jobs is that you don’t have to trek into the office for it – make it a work-from-home job. Remote recruiter work can be done from the kitchen table, the sofa, or wherever you need to be. As long as you can get on the phone or your computer, you’ll be sorted. Whatever your schedule demands, don’t let it stop you. Find a job as a recruiter that suits you today.

Another plus to recruiter jobs is the great career opportunities you’ll run into. We have vacancies with some of the UK’s top employers, which means you’ll likely find work at a high level where you can grow and learn. It’s common to work your way up the ladder to a top-level job, like recruitment consultant. That’s why recruiter jobs make for great entry-level positions; you can learn on the job, and gain experience to further your career in these graduate jobs. You can search through this page to find a suitable graduate recruiter vacancy. Jobs like these go quickly, so don’t hesitate to apply.

How to get a recruiter job

Still stuck on which recruiter jobs might suit you? Let us help you narrow it down. The easiest thing to do is decide where you want to work, and search for vacancies in those areas. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘are there even recruiter jobs near me?’ Don’t worry, we have positions available across the country. Just use our location search bar, and you’ll find recruiter jobs in London, Bristol, Stirling, or wherever you want. Make use of our filtering tool to weed out jobs that don’t match what you’re after. You can adjust for distance, education level, and type of work. There’s even a way to sort the page by how new the vacancy is, so you’ll always find the latest and greatest recruiter jobs. Or, if you already know exactly what you want, use our keyword search bar to narrow in on the perfect jobs for you. Ready to go? Filter away!

Applying for a recruiter job is easy once you've created a profile with YoungCapital. You can add your contact details and CV so that they’re ready and waiting when you want to apply. Your CV should be short and sweet, and include any relevant skills and experience you have. If you’ve worked in HR before, definitely show it off; you’ll need lots of these skills working in recruitment, so employers will be looking out for them. Next, you’ll want to attach a cover letter that explains why you’re the ideal candidate for the job. Again, you don’t want to overwhelm employers with heaps of reading, so keep it clear and concise. Once you have all of that assembled, you’re ready to click ‘apply’ on the vacancy for recruiter work you like. The process is so easy, so why not apply for a few different positions? You’ll maximise your chances of landing a great recruiter job.

FAQs about recruiter jobs:

When will I hear back about my application for a recruiter job?

We always aim to get back to you about your application for a recruiter job within one week. If you’re concerned, you can track your application in your profile.

Can I get a recruiter job without a degree?

While a degree is helpful, it’s not always essential. There are plenty of recruiter jobs with no experience required, so start looking.

What is a typical recruiter job salary?

The average salary for recruiter jobs is around £25,000-£29,000, but it can vary. The best paying recruiter jobs can bring in as much as £45,000.

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