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If you’re searching for Java developer jobs, consider yourself lucky. Java programmers are in high demand, so you’ll find tons of employment opportunities in the UK. This popular programming language is widely used in smart TVs, desktop applications, and Android phones. So if you’re a Java programmer, finding a job as a software developer is no problem. Whether you’re an experienced coder looking for a senior developer role or fresh out of college and dreaming of a junior Java developer job, we have fantastic opportunities waiting. Scroll on this page and explore our vacancies. Want to receive the latest postings by email? Sign up and create an alert for Java developer jobs in your area.

How to get a Java developer job

In the past, employers looked for Java developers with a BSc degree majoring in computer engineering, computer science, or a similar field. As the demand for Java programmers grew across the IT job industry, graduate degrees became less than mandatory to get a vacancy in software development. Of course, having a degree will help you land a job, but you can learn plenty of Java coding with non-traditional training programs and online courses. Besides, showing employers that you have hands-on software development experience is what will help you land a Java developer job the most. Don’t have much experience? Don’t worry; prove that you have enough knowledge and are willing to work hard, and you’ll eventually find an employer to give you a chance.

So now that you know what you need to get a Java developer job, how about learning to find the right vacancy for you? On this page, we have a set of filters you can adjust to find Java programmer jobs matching your preferences. You can insert city or postcode to find vacancies in a specific location, filter vacancies by type of employment, level of education, and even use keywords to narrow your search for vacancies. Are you looking for a remote Java developer job? Add ‘remote’ to the keyword filter to sort the vacancies. Found a few vacancies you like? Don’t forget to switch on a job alert to receive new vacancies matching your search. And if you want to save a job posting to apply for later, log in to your account.

If you’re interested in finding work where you’ll get the most chances for career growth, we have two top suggestions for you. The first one is quite obvious: London. The UK capital offers a wide variety of jobs for Java programmers and opportunities in global companies that are leaders in software development technology. So if your goal is to climb the career ladder, go for a Java developer job in London. But if you’re not interested in living at the big smoke, you can also reap exciting career opportunities with a Java developer job in Manchester. The city is a centre for innovation and development, attracting many tech companies every year. Don’t wanna work in Manchester? That’s fine too. Whether you prefer a Java job in London, Manchester, or a remote position in Cowbridge, you’ll find a vacancy at YoungCapital. Browse this page and apply for your favourite jobs.

FAQs about java developer jobs:

How to find part-time Java developer jobs?

Adjust the ‘Type of Employment’ filter to view part-time Java developer jobs.

How to apply for a Java developer job?

Filter this page to find a vacancy matching your requirements, and after finding the one, tap ‘Apply directly’ and follow the instructions. To complete your application for a Java developer job, you’ll need to create a profile - it only takes a few minutes. Now upload your CV and cover letter, and you’re done! Your info will be saved in your profile for next time, so applying will take no time at all.

What’s a Java developer’s salary?

A full-time Java developer’s salary in the UK ranges from £50,000 to £98,000 per year.

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