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Are you looking for a system administrator job? You can find it with YoungCapital! Because we work with some of UK’s top employers, we’re able to collect the best vacancies available in the IT field, with new ones regularly popping up in our database. If you’re new to our website, feel free to click around and use our filters to discover your ideal system admin job. If you haven’t already, sign up with us today, and turn on job alerts to stay up-to-date with the newest system administrator jobs on our platform.

Everything you need to know about system administrator jobs

System administrators are key players in the IT industry. Practically every company needs them in order to ensure that their programs, computers, and servers are running smoothly. An IT system administrator job can be fascinating, because you can take a deep dive into the technicalities of a business, and how they operate at the ground level. There are different kinds of sysadmins (system administrators), including network administrators, database administrators, web administrators, and telecommunications administrators. And you can find them all with YoungCapital! Just make sure you log in to your account, so that you can save your favourite system administrator vacancies to your profile.

How to get a system administrator job

The basic requirement for a system admin job is a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, IT systems management, or any other related field. However, you can also opt for certification programs that will allow you to get ahead of the competition. To find if we have system administrator jobs available for beginners, you can simply type ‘junior system administrator jobs’ in the search box. If there are no vacancies available, don’t worry! Broaden your search by looking in different cities near you.

If you’re currently studying, and looking for future career opportunities, it may be worth gaining some experience with a part-time system administrator job. Head straight to our part-time jobs to discover your options. Or, perhaps you want to work a remote system administrator job, in which case you can check out our work from home job page. Once you have some experience under your belt, and you’re looking to give this awesome occupation a serious shot, you can start browsing through our full-time jobs. Don’t forget to select your preferences using our filters, or type keywords in the search box to find vacancies that contain them.

Now that you know how to find system admin jobs that match your preferences, save yourself time and turn on vacancy alerts. It only takes a few seconds, and it guarantees that you’ll be the first to know about new system administrator jobs fitting your needs. It’s important to stay informed, because the quicker you apply for a new vacancy, the higher your chances of being considered for the position. Notifications for new system administrator vacancies in our database will go straight to your inbox!

Where to find system administrator jobs near me

Major cities in the UK are becoming hotspots for tech companies. Start-ups, in particular, are looking for eager sysadmins to join their team. System administrator jobs in London are highly sought-after, because of the diversity of companies located there. Click through and find out if there are any vacancies in London you’d be eligible for. Want to work further north? Consider applying to a system administrator job in Leeds. The city has gained a reputation for developing the IT muscle needed to fund startups and innovation. This includes the city’s more traditional areas of expertise such as financial and legal services, manufacturing, and retail. Whatever sector you choose, a system admin job in one of these cities will be a great benefit to your career!

FAQs about system administrator jobs:

What does a system administrator do?

A system administrator’s job is to maintain the technical systems within a company, and ensure they run smoothly. Do you have what it takes? Log in and discover your options!

What is a system administrator’s salary?

The national average salary for a system administrator job is about £31,000-£35,000. This number can be higher or lower depending on your employer and expertise.

Does YoungCapital offer entry-level system administrator jobs?

Yes, YoungCapital offers system admin jobs for beginners. Make sure you read the system administrator job description carefully. You’ll quickly find out if you’re a good match! Register today, and start browsing through our vacancies.

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