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Looking to make a few quid with a postman job? It’s really the ideal occupation if you like to be out and about on your own. Once you’re out of the depot, you’re pretty much your own boss, and you can slap on a podcast or listen to music to your heart’s content - an absolute dream for some! A postperson job allows for great flexibility as well, so it’s a tip-top option for those who have other commitments. Ready to hit the streets as a postie? Discover all of our vacancies on this page. Once you’ve found a vacancy that matches your needs, make sure you register with us, and get to applying to postman jobs today!

What’s there to know about postman jobs?

A whole lot, actually! The word ‘postman’ is a gendered term, but this is a role for anyone, no matter who you are or what your background is. The job of a postman is still very relevant today. Of course, there have been certain developments that have allowed delivering post to be more efficient and reliable, but the human aspect of it has never gone away. If you want to become a postman, you’re not far away by snooping around on YoungCapital. Postman vacancies often find their way into our database, because it’s a popular option for people who need a little extra income, or some work experience to touch up their CV. A postie’s salary can range from about £12,000-£85,000 per year, but the average sits between a pleasant £23,000-£27,000 per year if you’re solely working as a postman. That’s not too shabby for a postman job! When it comes to postman working hours, full-timers can expect to work up to 40 hours per week, typically working from 5.30am to 1pm. You’ll have more flexibility as a part-timer.

Types of postman jobs

When you work as a postman, you’re not limited to delivering post from door to door. It’s certainly possible to get a walking postman job, but if you don't fancy dealing with barking dogs, you can also work a post office postman job dealing with letters and parcels, as well as bagging and labelling post. Alternatively, you can deliver post by van. Check out our postman parcel delivery jobs if you’d rather zip around town behind the wheel. Don’t forget to narrow down your search results for a postman driver vacancy by entering your preferred city into the search box. Do you aim to fully immerse yourself in the post delivery scene? Check out our full-time postman jobs. Need something on the side? And are you only available in the weekends or evenings? You’re in luck! We also offer postman weekend jobs and evening jobs. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it with us!

How can I find postman jobs near me?

On YoungCapital, it’s super easy to find a postman delivery job. Looking for a postman vacancy in London? Just click or tap London under ‘cities’ on this page, and you’ll automatically see if there are any options available there. Alternatively, you can set a friendly reminder for when new postman jobs pop up in our database. Just fill out your email address on this page, and save the alert based on your search results. It’s often the case that we’re busy setting up new postman vacancies while you’re browsing, so just come back at a later time! If you’re not in a rush, or you need some time to figure out the logistics of becoming a postie, you can also save your favourite postperson vacancies to your profile.

FAQs about postman jobs:

Is getting a job as a postman easy?

A postman job requires no formal qualifications, but most employers require candidates to have a driving licence (if you’re applying for a driving job), and a reasonable level of fitness. Skills such as being punctual, polite, and having a good sense of direction are also very important!

What does a postman do exactly?

Postpeople collect, sort, and deliver mail to private homes, shops, and business premises within a particular area. They walk to deliver letters and also drive bicycles and cars depending on location and package size. Register an account with us and discover your ideal postman job today!

When will I hear back from my application for a postman job?

We try our best to get back to you within a week of you applying for a postman job. If you’re curious about the status of your application, you can keep track of it in your profile.

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