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Are you ready to put your knowledge and skills to the test in an HR manager job? Need some help with your search? You’ll be glad to know that YoungCapital has all the best vacancies for HR manager jobs, from London to Glasgow, and everywhere in between. We have positions available across a heap of job industries, ready and waiting for you to browse through. Ready to find your ideal role? Sign up with us, and we’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest and greatest HR manager jobs on the market.

What are HR manager jobs?

So, what exactly are the roles and responsibilities of an HR manager? What is a human resource manager’s actual job? Essentially, they're in charge of looking after all the employees in a business. That includes overseeing the hiring process, engaging employees, running training programmes, and many other tasks. The work can be incredibly varied, and no two days will look the same. There’s also plenty of variety in the type of employment you can find as an HR manager. There are full-time jobs that follow a typical 9-5 schedule, or more flexible vacancies for part-time positions as an HR manager in smaller companies. If you’re looking for the ultimate flexibility, you can even find remote HR manager jobs available. Does a work-from-home job in HR sound like something you’d be up for? Browse the full selection on this page to find an HR manager vacancy that suits you.

Wondering how much you can earn in an HR manager job? Of course you are, it’s an important part of any job hunt! The national average for a role like this is around £48,000 to £50,000. That number can change a lot though, depending on how much you bring to the table. If you have years of experience under your belt, you can generally negotiate a higher starting salary, but if it’s your first time in the job you might start a bit lower. It’s up to you to show off all your skills and knowledge, to show why you deserve a higher pay cheque. Different cities also have different rates of pay; for example, an HR manager job in Manchester might get more than Leicester’s HR manager jobs, to keep up with cost of living. These are things to bear in mind when you’re browsing the HR manager vacancies we have.

How to get an HR manager job near me

Now that you know the ins and outs of HR manager jobs, you might be wondering how to actually get a job as a human resource manager. Want to find a position that’s located near to you? Let us help you out; we’ve created a handy filter that gets rid of any vacancies that don’t match your preferences. You can search by whatever city or town you live in, or want to be, and only see jobs based there. For example, you can search for HR manager jobs in Liverpool, or Sheffield’s HR management roles, just by popping them into the location search bar. You can keep filtering by other criteria too, to make your search even more accurate and relevant to you. Add your preferences for things like distance from the centre of town, your education level, and the type of employment you’re looking for. You can even sort the page by how new the vacancies are, so you’ll always see the newest HR manager jobs at the top of the list. Once you find a few vacancies you like, you can also save them to your profile so that you have them on hand when you’re ready to apply. So, why wait? Start your search now.

Have you found a couple of vacancies that suit you, and are you ready to send in your applications? Let us walk you through how to do that. You’ll want to make sure your CV and contact details are added to your profile, so that your future employer knows who you are and how to get in contact with you. Add a stunning cover letter too, to show them why you’re the best candidate for the job. Your CV and cover letter should both be clear and concise, so you don’t bore employers with too much information. Then, all that’s left to do is hit ‘apply’ on the HR manager job vacancy, or another HR job that catches your eye, like . Happy job hunting!

FAQs about HR manager jobs:

Where can I find new HR manager jobs?

When you create an account with YoungCapital, you can set up email alerts to have all new HR manager jobs sent to you as soon as they come in.

When will I hear about my application for an HR manager job?

You should hear back from us within a week. If it’s been longer than that, you can track your HR manager job application in your profile, or get in touch with us.

Can I get an HR manager job with no experience?

Definitely, there are plenty of entry-level HR manager jobs out there, even part-time positions, so you can ease your way in to working life.

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