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If you’re a natural-born leader and organisational genius, you should be looking for a project manager job. You can show off your skills by leading a team, ticking off tasks, and hitting important deadlines. YoungCapital has a lot of great project manager vacancies for you to discover, with some of the UK’s biggest employers. From entry-level jobs for project managers, to more senior roles for those with some experience under their belt, we’ve got it all. Sign up with us today to save all your favourite vacancies – just tap the heart icon. You’ll land a great project manager job in no time!

The ins and outs of project manager jobs

So, what exactly does a project manager do? In a nutshell, they are in charge of overseeing everything that goes on in a project. Project manager jobs in the UK can be found in pretty much every industry. After all, most companies will need to change or improve some aspect of their business at some point. Let us walk you through some of the most common ones you’ll find. The most common place you’ll find project managers is in construction. With so many workers with different specialities and tasks, there needs to be a strong leader in place keeping everything running smoothly. You can also find jobs for project managers in IT, for example. Systems need to be upgraded and swapped out, and someone needs to make sure it all goes according to plan. Here you’d need a good understanding of the work being done, which is why a background in IT is pretty much essential. Similarly, project managers in marketing are in charge of running new campaigns, from forming ideas all the way to reviewing the final results. Surprised at the variety? You can find even more by browsing this page, or check out some of the other great jobs in management that we have to offer.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at all these options for project manager jobs? Don’t worry, there are still heaps of positions where you can build your career at a pace that suits you. You can find plenty of entry-level project manager jobs on our graduate jobs page, and look in towns and cities that suit where you want to live. If you’re interested in technical work, remote project manager jobs are also an option. You can do your work-from-home job in a calm, familiar environment, and ease yourself into working life in a way that’s comfortable for you. These remote roles are reserved for technical work though, as you can do those from a laptop, rather than something that needs to be on-site, like construction. Finally, if you want to really start from zero and work your way up while you learn, you could get a job as a project support officer. You can see the full range of opportunities to work as a project manager on this page.

Where to find project manager jobs

You may be wondering, can I even find a project manager job near me?’ Luckily for you, the answer is: absolutely! We’ve got positions all across the country, from Edinburgh to Bristol. Project manager jobs in London are the most popular, of course, due to the high level of industry that’s found in the capital. But, if you’re not a fan of living in the big smoke, there are plenty of other options available to you. Other big cities also have great opportunities; there are jobs for project managers in Birmingham and Manchester, so you can still live the cosmopolitan life without the London price tag. If you’re after something more low-key, you can find project manager jobs in Nottingham and Leeds. Anywhere you fancy, there’s a position waiting for you, so get searching!

Not sure where to start? Let us show you how we do it the YoungCapital way. The easiest way to start is by selecting the town or city you’d like to work in, like project manager jobs in Sheffield, for example. Then, adjust our filters to match your preferences for distance, type of employment, and even level of education. You’ll be presented with vacancies that fall within those categories, which means they suit exactly what you need. You can also search using keywords if you already have a clear idea of what you’re after. Once you find a project manager role you like, you can save it to your profile until you’re ready to apply, and keep browsing our vacancies. Or, if you think you’ve found the right one, you can go ahead and click ‘apply’. Don’t delay – your ideal project manager job could be just around the corner.

FAQs about project manager jobs:

Is project management a good career?

Project manager jobs are a great career choice for anyone who considers themselves a good leader. With plenty of opportunities to grow and advance, as well as competitive salaries and good bonuses, you can’t go wrong in a position like this.

Where can I find new project manager jobs?

When you create your profile, you can set up email alerts to have all the newest project manager jobs sent straight to your inbox.

Are there part-time project manager jobs?

Absolutely, you can find all of our part-time jobs for project managers under the ‘part-time’ filter.

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