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Are you on the search for a full-time or part-time receptionist job in Birmingham, Manchester, or somewhere else in the UK? Stay on this page; we’ll inform you about all the kinds of receptionist jobs and how to find one. Before we get into it, what skills are required for receptionist work? Since you’ll be interacting with people often by phone, email, and face-to-face, great communication skills are a must. Furthermore, the ideal receptionist is someone who is very organised, detail-oriented, and has great time management skills. Did you recognise yourself in one of these skills? Great! Sign up and start applying for receptionist positions today! Don’t have all the skills we just mentioned? No problem, stick around, and we’ll help you find a receptionist job with no work experience required.

Types of receptionist jobs

Do you have a background in medicine, or are you majoring in medicine? Then a nice addition to your CV and work experience would be a medical receptionist job. Already have some experience with customer service? That’s a bonus point, because you’ll be working with patients at the doctor’s office or pharmacy, to name a few. The average wage for a medical receptionist starts at around £8.70 per hour, with the possibility to earn £15 per hour. Are you more into the beauty industry? Then a spa receptionist job is a great option too. Your time management skills come in handy here, since you’ll be cancelling, rescheduling, and scheduling appointments in for different clients. The average salary for a spa receptionist starts at around £18,500 per year.

If you’re looking for work in the tourism industry, then a hotel receptionist job will suit you. Your day will consist of greeting guests as they arrive at the hotel, helping them out with their bookings, and providing them with information about transportation and activities that can be done in the area. The starting salary for a hotel receptionist is around £21,400 per year. If you want a sneak peek into the office life, then consider a job as an office receptionist. You’ll help clients navigate the office and offer refreshments if needed. You can expect an hourly rate of around £9.50.

Are you looking for a weekend receptionist job? Visit our weekend jobs, choose your city, and adjust the filter option to ‘receptionist job’. Once you find a couple of receptionist vacancies that catch your eye, save them to your account, revisit them later, and decide which one meets your criteria best.

How to find a no experience receptionist job

Want to find your ideal receptionist job in no time? We’ve got you covered. To avoid spending countless hours scrolling through our receptionist vacancies, use the filter tool on this page. Try the most popular cities first, for example 'receptionist jobs in London'. Our filter tool will help you narrow down your job search in a jiffy. All you have to do is select your education type, the job industries you want to work in, the distance you’re willing to travel for your new role, and finally the type of contract you’re after (full-time or part-time). Now you have a clear overview of all the jobs that meet your requirements.

Are you wondering what type of skills will be handy to have on your CV? Here are a couple of examples: good written and verbal communication skills, customer service skills, good at multitasking and organising, reliable, solution-oriented, and ability to work under pressure. Don’t have any prior work experience as a receptionist? No problem! If you gained some of these skills in one of your other jobs, then you’ll be sure to hear back from your job application. Already tapped ‘apply now’? Sit back and relax, we’ll take care of the rest – keep an eye out for incoming calls and emails.

FAQs about receptionist jobs:

How do I become a receptionist with no experience?

We offer tons of entry-level receptionist jobs near you. As long as you have great time management, organisation, and problem-solving skills, you’ll be just fine.

Which receptionist jobs get paid the most?

Hotel receptionists and medical receptionists get paid the most. Hotel receptionist jobs pay an average of £21,400 per year, while medical receptionists get paid up to £15 per hour.

Where can I find receptionist work near me?

YoungCapital offers tons of receptionist jobs near you. Have a look!

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