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Would you like to take on a shop assistant job? That’s an excellent way to make a few bucks if you’re a student or looking for a part-time gig. But if you’re interested in a full-time job as a retail assistant, on our platform you’ll find plenty of quality vacancies by top employers. Taking on an entry-level sales assistant job is a great way to build a career in retail. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the business and valuable, transferable skills. Want to explore our vacancies? Browse this page and pick your favourite. And to stay in the loop about shop assistant jobs near you, sign up and create a vacancy alert.

How to find shop assistant jobs

Need help finding a shop assistant job? We’ve got you covered. When searching for vacancies online, you’ll be faced with a massive amount of information. To avoid applying for expired vacancies or sharing your personal information with untrustworthy websites, make sure you use a legitimate job platform. You’re already at YoungCapital, so you’re off to a great start. We have one of the largest vacancy databases in the country, and we only offer work with trusted employers. Ready to find employment? Adjust the filters on this page to find a store assistant job matching your preferences. Insert your city or postcode, select your favourite type of employment or level of education. Then, pick a vacancy that suits your profile, and click ‘Apply directly’. Follow the instructions on the screen to create your account or log in. To find a retail or sales assistant job asap, make sure to apply for as many vacancies as you see fit. But don’t expect to match each requirement before sending a job application. If you’re confident that you can do the work, apply right away.

Best cities to get shop assistant jobs

There is a wide range of retail assistant vacancies across the UK. If you’re looking for the best salaries and chances for career growth, you should go for a shop or retail assistant job in London. The British capital offers opportunities in all types of stores, from supermarkets to luxury retailers. London also has the highest cost of living in the country and attracts talent from all parts of the world, so the competition is fierce. If career opportunities are important to you, but so is a reasonable cost of living, try a shop assistant job in Birmingham. The city is one of the top shopping destinations in the country, having received a massive amount of investment from the public and private sectors in the last decade. Is good public transport a priority for you? Go for a retail assistant job in Manchester. The city is home to most of the major retail chains in the country and offers excellent commuting options. You’ll benefit from a large fleet of trams, trains, and buses that stretch all over the city. Accommodation costs are another benefit of Manchester; rents are about half of the average London rent. You can also find great opportunities for retail assistant jobs in Glasgow, Liverpool, Leicester, and Bristol.

Shop assistant skills

Trying to figure out if you have the skills to be a retail assistant? The job is very similar to the one of a salesperson. Your work routine can include a mix of the following tasks: approaching customers, selling products, restocking shelves, receiving deliveries, conducting stock checks, processing customer payments, etc. To perform these tasks successfully, it’s helpful to have customer service skills, patience, the ability to work in a team, and initiative. Being persuasive and a people person are key qualities to help you land a sales assistant job.

Remember: you don’t need to master all these skills to land a retail assistant job. Many vacancies welcome inexperienced workers who are eager to work and willing to learn. So as long as you believe you’re able to grow into the role, go ahead and apply for any entry-level retail assistant position you’re interested in. And if you’re not feeling quite ready for a full-time role, go for a part-time retail assistant job. Pick up a night, weekend, or Saturday-only shift. When it comes to part-time work, retailers offer heaps of employment options.

FAQs about shop assistant jobs:

What is a shop assistant’s salary?

A shop assistant’s salary for full-time employment varies from £13,000 to £26,000 per year. The average hourly rate is £10.00.

What does a retail assistant do?

The most common retail assistants’ duties are assisting customers, processing sales, restocking shelves, receiving shipments, and labelling goods. Retail assistants are also known as shop assistants, sales assistants, and store assistants, but their job tasks don’t vary much.

How do I find shop assistant jobs near me?

Head to the top of the page and filter our shop assistant jobs by city or postcode. To stay on top of each new vacancy near you matching your preferences, register with us.