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Are you looking for a call centre job in Birmingham? Look no further than this page! You'll find plenty of full-time and part-time call centre vacancies available in Birmingham. Call centre jobs are becoming more and more popular since working from home became available – most employers offer the possibility of working hybrid. So, if you already have a lot going on in your life, this is the perfect job to take your shot on; it doesn't matter whether you have work experience or not. YoungCapital offers both entry-level and senior call centre vacancies in Birmingham. Already sold? Create your account and start exploring all our call centre jobs in Birmingham!

Everything you need to know about call centre jobs in Birmingham

It's important to read the job descriptions of our call centre job vacancies in Birmingham carefully. They usually tell you what you need to have on your CV. Let's start with the skills you'll need. Since you'll be working with customers every day, it's important to have good communication, customer service, and listening skills. If you choose to work as a call centre employee in sales, then you'll be working with targets. Meaning that you'll need good time management skills. Furthermore, your salary will vary depending on what kind of call centre work you're after in Birmingham. Already know what industry you're interested in to work as a call centre agent? Great! Explore all our job industries available, and make your choice.

It's very easy to find a call centre job in the sales sector in Birmingham – there is always demand for employees. Most students and first-timers go for this option and apply for a weekend call centre job in Birmingham. Do you like a bit of competition, and does working goal-oriented excite you? Scroll through our sales jobs in Birmingham. You'll need to adjust the filter tool to 'call centre jobs'; boom, now you have an overview of all the call centre positions available in the sales sector. The average salary for a job as a call centre agent in the sales sector can range between £23,000 and £28,000 per year.

Ever worked at a retail store? When most people think about retail jobs, their minds go straight to a cashier or sales associate position. However, both online and physical shopping stores need a customer service department. The average salary for call centre work in Birmingham's retail sector ranges between £20,000 and £25,000 per year. So, if you're a problem solver, like to see the bright side of things, and enjoy fashion, apply for a call centre job in Birmingham’s retail sector.

Would you rather avoid a call centre job in Birmingham? If you're a quick typer, and have good writing skills, consider applying for a web care job in Birmingham. Your main responsibilities will be to assist customers with any issues that they might have through the organisation's social media channels, website, and email. You'll also be taking care of some administrative tasks. The average pay for a web care job can range anywhere between £9 and £13 per hour.

Already know if you're looking for part-time or full-time work as a call centre agent? Great! You can go ahead and adjust that in the filter tool on this page. Education level and the distance you're willing to commute for work is also adjustable; see for yourself. You can also take a look and see what kind of call centre jobs in Birmingham the UK's top employers are offering at the moment. Only available during the night or on weekends? Have a look at our evening jobs in Birmingham and adjust the filter tool to 'customer service' or 'call centre jobs'. If you're only available on the weekends, explore all our weekend jobs in Birmingham. So, does this sound like a challenge you can sink your teeth into? Upload your CV, cover letter, and tap 'apply now'! We'll take care of the rest.

FAQs about call centre jobs in Birmingham:

Are there any evening call centre jobs available in Birmingham?

Yes, there are. YoungCapital offers plenty of evening jobs in Birmingham's call centres; see for yourself!

Where can I find part-time call centre work in Birmingham?

Look no further than our part-time jobs in Birmingham. Just adjust the filter option to 'call centre' or 'customer service jobs', and you'll get an overview of all the part-time call centre jobs in Birmingham.

Is it possible to find a call centre job in the city centre of Birmingham?

Yes. All you have to do is adjust the distance range in the filter tool on this page, and voilà.

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