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Time for a brand-new logistics job in Birmingham? We’re here to give you a hand in finding employment that fits your needs. Whether you’re fresh out of college or university, changing jobs, or looking to further your career, we have all types of logistics coordinator jobs in Birmingham for you to choose from. Worried about not having enough experience? YoungCapital is committed to giving out logistics work that requires little to no experience. Get underway by signing up with our website and turning on job alerts to receive the latest logistics jobs in Birmingham to your inbox.

Everything you need to know about logistics jobs in Birmingham

Logistics jobs are careers that manage or facilitate the movement of goods from each stage of creation to shipment. You can coordinate logistics for companies as an in-house employee or work for a company that contracts logistics services to other businesses. So, what are your options? The most common logistics coordinator jobs in Birmingham are found in warehouses. With a warehouse assistant job in Birmingham, you’ll be responsible for packing, receiving, and sorting shipment orders. Formal qualifications are not required to work as a warehouse assistant, as on-the-job training is usually provided. You could also go for a packing job in Birmingham. You’ll be gathering the appropriate items to fulfil incoming orders by locating them on shelves, packing the items, and transporting them to trucks or shipping containers.

Logistics jobs in Birmingham are certainly not limited to warehouses. If you love being out on the road, you could also apply for a courier job in Birmingham. You’ll be transporting goods by car, van, or truck to various cities around the UK. If you have a driving licence and know your way around, this one’s an excellent option for you. Perhaps you’re looking for a logistics administrator job in Birmingham that don’t require much experience, or can be done on a part-time basis. Then we also offer postman jobs in Birmingham. Are you an expert in the field, and are you looking for a logistics manager job in Birmingham? Your best bet is to check out our management jobs in Birmingham and use ‘logistics’ as a keyword. If none of these options have piqued your interest, you can always use our search box to find specific logistics jobs based on your needs. Log in to your account, and start applying today!

FAQs about logistics jobs in Birmingham:

I can’t find a suitable logistics job in Birmingham. What now?

Don’t panic! If you can’t find a suitable logistics job in Birmingham, we offer logistics jobs in cities near Birmingham, too. Consider applying for logistics jobs in Wolverhampton or logistics jobs in Walsall, for example.

What is the average salary for a logistics job in Birmingham?

The average salary for a logistics job in Birmingham is about £10-£14 an hour. This number will vary depending on your experience, skills, and the hours you choose to work.