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There are 5 sales jobs in London

Are you looking for a sales job in London? At YoungCapital, our vacancies range from entry-level sales jobs in London to full-blown sales manager jobs in London with a variety of benefits. If the art of making a sale is a rewarding experience for you, then you’re looking in the right place! Have you rooted out your ideal job? Then there’s nothing left for you to do than to apply. Make sure to register with our website, so you can upload your CV and fill out any details that are helpful for our recruiters, and turn on vacancy alerts to receive the latest sales job in London to your inbox!

What you need to know about sales job in London

With competitive salaries and perks, along with the chance to work in industries that interest you, a sales representative job in London could offer just what you’re after. With the potential to make good money (and a wad of commission on top), sales is definitely not a profession to brush aside. When people think of sales, they often think of annoying telemarketers calling you from an unknown number to make their long-winded pitch. But that’s only a small percentage! Some of the best sales jobs in London don’t require you to make cold-calls and/or sit behind the computer at all. If you’re an experienced sales professional, you can probably relate. Regardless of your background and experience, you’ll be sure to find a sales job in London with us; we offer both full-time and part-time jobs in London, so there’s plenty of choice!

What types of sales jobs in London can I find on YoungCapital?

Your interest and background define your perfect sales job in London. However, to be a good salesman, you should be good with words and quick on your feet. Whether you’re working with clients face-to-face, or you’re answering inquires via chat and e-mail, a sales rep needs to be well versed in their product or service.

Do you enjoy direct contact with clients? Our retail jobs in London are a great place to start. The big smoke is a shopping mecca, and there are plenty of stores looking for eager staff. As a retail sales assistant in London, you’ll be greeting customers and managing cash registers, while also helping them find anything within the store that they need. You don’t need to be making a hard sale in this occupation, but you should have a feel for what the client needs, and play into that. We also offer sales assistant jobs in London on a part-time basis. Simply navigate to the retail link above, and sort by ‘part-time jobs’ in the filter panel.

Are you looking for something requiring a bit more sales expertise, and where you’ll be working with higher-end customers? You would feel right at home in a sales account manager job in London! A typical day for an account manager involves putting together sales proposals for clients, communicating with their team, and handling client complaints, concerns, and feedback. They manage their sales pipeline, make calls, and have meetings. This sky is the limit when it comes to account management jobs. You could be selling travel itineraries or medical equipment, for example — it all depends on the type of industry you’re interested in! Need help finding a sales associate job in London in a specific industry or field of work? You can use our handy search box to type in keywords related to your expertise.

If you don’t have much experience in the sales industry yet, you could consider working as a commercial assistant in London. Working as a commercial assistant can be a good choice for students and those who are between jobs. This entry-level role is available in most companies that sell products or services. It requires little or no formal education, and may open the door to new career opportunities. If you’re fresh out of university, this occupation would also make for a great graduate sales job in London. Or, you could simply get a sales representative job in London. It’s a broader occupation, but there’s plenty of diversity in this area if you’re not quite sure which industry you want to focus on. Ready to get applying? Log in to your account today and get the ball rolling.

FAQ about sales jobs in London:

How long is the application process for a sales job in London?

How quickly you’ll be approached for a job interview depends on competition. We aim to contact you within a week of applying for a sales job in London. Apply to multiple jobs at the same time to increase your chances of getting a call!

What’s the highest-paying sales job in London?

The highest-paying sales job in London is an account manager job. How much you earn typically depends on the size of the company, and which clients you’re responsible for. If you’re an experienced sales professional, check out our account manager jobs in London.