Shipping clerk jobs in London

There are 3 shipping clerk jobs in London

Are you looking for a shipping clerk job in London, but getting nowhere in your search? Well, the good news is that YoungCapital is here to help make things easier for you. We’ve hand-picked the best shipping clerk job vacancies from across London, and gathered them on this page for you to browse through. You could find a job with one of the UK’s top employers with a quick 5-minute search. Create an account with us to make use of all of our search features, and you could have your ideal shipping clerk job in London in the blink of an eye.

What to know about shipping clerk jobs in London

London is a hub for commercial trade, which means lots of goods and products being moved around that need to be monitored and tracked. That’s where you come in! In one of London’s many shipping clerk jobs, you’ll be in charge of keeping tabs on shipments and deliveries. There’s huge variety in the work, with both full-time jobs and part-time positions in London on offer. As this industry runs 24/7, there’s no time to slack off, so you’ll also find weekend work in London for shipping clerks. Think this sounds like something for you? Then start looking through our selection of vacancies to find your best match.

Not sure how to find the shipping clerk job in London that’s right for you? Let us help out. We’ve created a handy filter so that you can narrow down the vacancies according to your preferences. You can adjust for education level, type of work, and distance from the city centre, among other things. Add relevant keywords and sort the page by how recently the vacancies were posted to get even more specific. Not seeing a suitable shipping clerk job in London? No worries, take a look at some of our other warehouse jobs and logistics jobs in London to see if anything there suits you better.

FAQs about shipping clerk jobs in London:

How much can I earn in a shipping clerk job in London?

A typical job for shipping clerks in London pays around £30,000 to £35,000, but it depends on the company you’re with and the hours you work. Night jobs in London typically pay extra than day work, so check those out if you don’t mind the late shift.

Where can I find new jobs for shipping clerks in London?

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