Forklift driver jobs in Manchester

There are 2 forklift driver jobs in Manchester

Are you looking to land a forklift driver job in Manchester? Good choice, as this booming industrial city is always looking for forklift drivers to help out in their warehouses and on their sites. Luckily for you, YoungCapital has vacancies that cater to every kind of jobseeker. So if you want to get hired by some of the city's top employers, stick with us. Register now to easily apply for forklift operator jobs in Manchester; with a profile, you can upload your CV and contact details to make applications take just a few clicks. So don't delay, and start scrolling to find a forklift driver job in Manchester today.

The ins and outs of forklift driver jobs in Manchester

So what does a forklift driver do? They load and unload goods from vehicles, move these goods around a warehouse or site, and perform basic maintenance on their forklifts. To get a forklift truck (FLT) driver job in Manchester, you’ll need to have passed a forklift driving course. Some employers offer the training on-site though, so read the job description to see what’s being offered.

Let’s talk working hours; FLT driver jobs in Manchester are scheduled in shifts, so it really depends on how much you’re looking to work. Both part-time and full-time jobs in Manchester are available for forklift drivers. And the excellent part is you’re not just limited to daytime roles; warehouses often operate throughout the night, so there are evening and night jobs in Manchester for forklift operators too.

Struggling to find that ideal forklift driving vacancy? Then how about expanding your search? Many more warehouse roles in Manchester are available, performing similar tasks to forklift operators - just without the forklifts! Driver jobs in Manchester are some of the most in-demand positions right now, so don’t limit yourself to just being behind the wheel of a forklift truck. There’s an array of options on our site, so get exploring to find a job in Manchester today, whether as an FLT driver or something else.

FAQs about forklift driver jobs in Manchester:

Where can I find a forklift driver job near Manchester?

On our platform! Check out our vacancies on the outskirts of Manchester with our forklift driver jobs in Stockport. Or, how about looking a bit further west; forklift driver jobs in Liverpool.

What’s the salary like for forklift operator jobs in Manchester?

On average, a forklift driver job in Manchester pays £10-£12 per hour. This varies based on time of day, experience, and your employer.