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Need a retail job in Plymouth sooner rather than later? Here, you’ll find a variety of vacancies suited to each type of jobseeker. No experience? We’ve got entry-level shop jobs in Plymouth. Proven yourself as a leader? We offer team lead and other retail management jobs in Plymouth’s city centre. Whatever you’re after, you’ll find what you need on this page. You can sort vacancies from newest to oldest, filter by distance, or add keywords to narrow down results. Ready to apply? Register an account with us to set up alerts, save vacancies, and add a CV and cover letter. So get started and find your ideal retail job in Plymouth today!

What you need to know about retail jobs in Plymouth

If you’re just starting out in the retail industry, a shop assistant job in Plymouth should be your go-to. They’re not particularly difficult to land, and are very flexible in terms of working hours. In a job as a sales assistant in one of Plymouth’s retail stores, you’ll be tasked with giving advice to customers, restocking shelves, and processing payments at the register. Speaking of processing payments, we also offer cashier jobs in Plymouth. Some tasks of a cashier overlap with those of a shop assistant and vice versa, but you can often discuss your preferred task with your employer. Click through to one of the positions above to discover our shop jobs in Plymouth for beginners.

If you’re passionate about the retail industry, a retail assistant job in Plymouth may not cut it for you. Perhaps you want to commit to a full-time job in Plymouth’s retail sector, or want to start in a higher position. For those who already have some experience under their belt, we also offer store manager jobs in Plymouth. In this role, you’ll be in charge of a sales team and responsible for hitting sales targets. If you have what it takes, you can click through to manager jobs and sort vacancies by ‘retail’. Otherwise, type in keywords like ‘manager’ or ‘supervisor’ into the search bar on this page to find a retail job in Plymouth that matches your level of experience.

Many consumer retailers keep their doors open most of the day. This means a fair portion of people are looking for part-time retail jobs in Plymouth. To find part-time work, you can sort vacancies on this page by ‘part-time’ or surf to our part-time jobs in Plymouth for a broader selection. It’s as easy as that! Would you rather work during the evenings or in the weekends? We’ve got you covered. Our evening jobs and weekend jobs in Plymouth in retail will have what you’re looking for. So what are you waiting for? Your ideal retail job in Plymouth may be just around the corner!

FAQs about retail jobs in Plymouth:

What are the highest paying retail jobs in Plymouth?

A retail management job in Plymouth is one of the most well-paid retail jobs you can get. With three to five years of experience as a retail worker, you should be able to land a retail manager job with relative ease.

What are the most popular retail jobs in Plymouth on YoungCapital?

One of the most popular and common retail jobs in Plymouth available are cashier jobs. Click through and submit your application today to get ahead of the game!

How do I apply for a retail job in Plymouth?

Piece of cake! Use the filters and search box on our platform to find retail jobs in Plymouth that are relevant to you. Then pick a vacancy, read through the requirements, and click on ‘apply directly’. Make sure to sign up for free to get the ball rolling.

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