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Hargreaves Lansdown careers mean:

  • joining a diverse team of passionate individuals;
  • working for one of the top UK financial services companies;
  • a wide range of roles, from marketing to accountancy to admin;
  • care for your wellbeing, including flexible work opportunities;
  • the chance to work on unique projects and develop your skills.

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Why get a Hargreaves Lansdown job

Taking on a job at Hargreaves Lansdown is the perfect opportunity to build a career in finance. Whatever you specialise in, whether it’s auditing or tax advising, you’ll have the chance to prove yourself and develop yourself professionally. It’s especially the case for anyone looking for a graduate job; Hargreaves Lansdown has career opportunities for entry-level workers looking for their first job out of school or uni. And, you’re not just limited to working in finance either. Want a management job? Or an admin position? You’ll find those and many other jobs at Hargreaves Lansdown. After all, it takes a village to keep such a successful company running! So, whatever area of business you’re trying to break into, get started with a job at Hargreaves Lansdown through YoungCapital.

Get a job with Hargreaves Lansdown

You might be wondering how we can help you find a job with Hargreaves Lansdown. YoungCapital just has vacancies, right? Far from it! We also offer personalised help from the start of your job hunt right up until you sign your contract (and sometimes even after that). When you register with us, our recruiters will reach out to you for a one-on-one chat to discuss what you want. We’ll give you advice on how to tailor your resume, and point you in the direction of our tips and tricks to help you ace your interview. Whether it’s a part-time job or a full-blown career, Hargreaves Lansdown won’t know what hit them. Sign up with YoungCapital asap, and watch the job offers come flying in.

FAQs about working at Hargreaves Lansdown

  • How do I apply for a Hargreaves Lansdown job through YoungCapital?

    Start by logging in to your account and adding your CV and contact details to your profile. That way, they’re set to go when you want to apply, and you don’t have to re-add them every time. Then, you can start browsing the vacancies and picking the ones that you like best. When you’re ready, just hit ‘apply directly’ and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll be flourishing in your career at Hargreaves Lansdown before you know it.

  • Does Hargreaves Lansdown offer work-from-home jobs?

    A lot of the work done in Hargreaves Lansdown jobs can be done remotely, so there’s often the possibility of working from home. But, it all depends on the individual position, so read the job description carefully. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at Hargreaves Lansdown, have a look at all the rest of our work-from-home jobs.

  • How do I find Hargreaves Lansdown jobs near me?

    Use the filtering tool to narrow down the results to Hargreaves and Lansdown jobs in your area. All you have to do is add your town or city to the search box, and any available vacancies will pop up.

  • What are the most popular jobs at Hargreaves Lansdown?

    The majority of jobs at Hargreaves Lansdown are, of course, finance positions. After all, that’s their bread and butter. If you want to work in finance, but aren’t sure if HL is for you, then explore our full selection of finance jobs to see what else is available. Pro tip: use our free CV maker to enhance your resume and tailor it to different jobs in finance.