HSBC Holdings PLC Careers

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A career at HSBC means:

  • opportunities to grow and develop within the company;
  • training programmes to build your professional skill set;
  • comprehensive employee benefits to look after your wellbeing;
  • you’ll have a top UK employer to flex on your CV;
  • gaining invaluable, on-the-job experience in banking and finance.

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Build a career at HSBC

Want to start a career at HSBC? Excellent choice. A job with HSBC is a ticket to a wealth of opportunities and unparalleled market knowledge. With jobs all across the UK, HSBC is an employer for everyone. A global bank requires a global community to run it, which is why diversity and multinational teams are central to the way of working. While the main focus is banking and finance, there are also ample opportunities in other industries for you to apply for. From customer service roles to HR jobs, HSBC has it all. Want to be part of an exciting and far-reaching team? Then start looking at the available vacancies – you could have a career in HSBC before you know it.

Need-to-knows for HSBC jobs

A career at HSBC isn’t only for those with tons of experience under their belt already. Graduates and entry-level workers are always welcome, and often highly sought after. A fresh perspective and new ways of thinking are never a bad thing, and HSBC knows that. Graduate jobs are always popping up across the financial services industry, so take advantage. Landing a job with HSBC in London or elsewhere in the UK will give you access to tons of training and educational resources. Plus, you can work on giving back by joining one of their many community outreach programmes. Want to develop your career while also giving back? Then start browsing.

Don’t know where to start? Let YoungCapital help you start your career at HSBC. We’re the bridge between big-name companies and young professionals like you. We’ll help you tailor your application so you can land all the HSBC job vacancies you like. You can give it a go for yourself by using our free CV maker to brush up your resume and add an extra-polished look to your application. Not seeing any opportunities to work at HSBC that you like? No need to worry, there’s still hope. Check out our wide range of finance jobs to see what else is out there waiting for you.

FAQs about working at HSBC

  • Is HSBC good to work for?

    Absolutely! Employment at HSBC is more than just putting in the hours at a 9 to 5. You’ll be able to develop your professional skills, enjoy employee benefits, and be part of rewarding community outreach schemes. If you’re keen to work hard and feel good about your job, then a career at HSBC is the way to go.

  • Does HSBC offer work-from-home jobs?

    Much of what HSBC does can be worked on remotely, so work-from-home opportunities at HSBC are pretty easy to come by. Just add the filter on this page to see all the vacancies that match. No luck? Check out our wider selection of work-from-home jobs to see if there’s something else that ticks all your boxes.

  • How do I apply for an HSBC job through YoungCapital?

    First thing’s first: create an account. That way, you’ll have immediate access to all the resources that’ll help you start your career at HSBC. Then, start browsing through the vacancies or use the filtering tool to narrow down your options. Make sure you have your CV and contact details added to your profile so that you can hit ‘apply directly’ on as many jobs as you like. It’s that simple, so try it out for yourself.

  • Are there management jobs at HSBC?

    Management jobs and team lead positions are vital to any big company, and HSBC is no different. Many of them fall under HSBC’s graduate job category, as you often require a bit of experience and expertise to do the job. Don’t let that discourage you, though; just make sure you read through the job description carefully to ensure you’re a match.