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Getting a job at Barclays means:

  • working for a reputable and respected financial organisation;
  • taking on a career that offers variety and in-depth experience;
  • being a part of a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming team;
  • having access to Barclays’ modern learning experiences;
  • receiving a competitive, personalised pay and benefits package.

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What to know about a career with Barclays

Take on a career at Barclays to help others reach their full potential when it comes to managing their budget and savings. Since Barclays is a financial organisation, most of their jobs are focused on finance and accountancy. Still, they offer a wide range of career paths fit for all schedules, personality types, and levels of experience. For example, if you’re good with clients, a job at Barclays’ customer service department would suit you well. Are you a problem-solver by nature? Then you could consider one of Barclays’ HR jobs. You can also opt to work from home or do your job at Barclays’s HQ in London. With so many different and flexible options, finding suitable career opportunities with Barclays is a walk in the park.

Start your Barclays career with YoungCapital

Wondering how you’d go about landing a career opportunity with Barclays? Well, YoungCapital is here to help. Create an account with us to find and apply to as many vacancies as you like. Save your favourite roles to your profile, and head over to our free CV builder to craft a smashing resume in a matter of minutes. Need some extra help with the process? Have a look at our helpful job application tips – they’ll show you how to sweep the hiring managers at Barclays off their feet. The best part of it all? We offer way more opportunities beyond the job vacancies at Barclays. Interested in expanding your search? Then see the many finance and accountancy jobs we have to offer. Whether it’s with Barclays or beyond, finding employment is easy with YoungCapital.

FAQs about working at Barclays

  • How can I stay up to date with the latest jobs at Barclays UK?

    Switch on vacancy alerts to receive the latest roles straight to your inbox. This way, you’ll be in the loop 24/7, and won’t ever have to worry about missing out on new career opportunities at Barclays.

  • Can I get a career with Barclays on a part-time basis?

    You sure can! Barclays offers many part-time jobs that’ll accommodate your schedule. So go on and apply to their vacancies through our platform to kick-start your career with Barclays today!

  • Are there any graduate job opportunities at Barclays?

    Yes, there are. You’ll find tons of career opportunities with Barclays that are fit for graduates. Barclays also offers in-house trainings, so you can expand your expertise even further after getting your degree.

  • Why should I do my Barclays career search through YoungCapital?

    With your YoungCapital profile, you can save vacancies, keep track of your submissions, and set vacancy alerts for when new career opportunities at Barclays pop up. As an added bonus, our recruiters will give personalised advice and help you to improve your application.