Pearson jobs

There are 2 jobs available at Pearson

A career with Pearson means:

  • zero experience required for most Pearson vacancies;
  • unlocking new skills and claiming new opportunities;
  • free trainings and workshops for professional development;
  • flexible work – be it from home, an office, or during off-hours;
  • permanent, ongoing employment opportunities for job security.

What you should know about Pearson jobs

A job with Pearson means you’ll work with one of the top dogs in the educational field. They offer a wide range of job opportunities, from entry-level roles to more specialised positions. This means you’re bound to find Pearson vacancies that suit your background, interests, and skill set. A career with Pearson offers great benefits such as flexible hours and competitive salaries, so it's easy to see why Pearson is a great choice for people looking for a rewarding role. Although Pearson is known for its educational resources, they offer various teaching positions as well. Plus, just think how cool it would be to be able to say that Pearson is your place of work? It carries great clout among those within the industry, so don’t pass up the chance to apply for Pearson jobs today!

FAQs about working at Pearson

  • How do I apply for a job with Pearson UK?

    Finding and applying for Pearson jobs with YoungCapital is very straightforward. First, register an account. Once you do, one of our recruiters can contact you to give personal advice. Found a vacancy that piques your interest? Just hit ‘apply directly’ and submit your documents. Need some help? Use our free resources like our CV maker and job application tips.

  • Are there flexible, part-time jobs available with Pearson?

    Pearson offers job vacancies that fit your lifestyle. Do you have other commitments and just want to earn some money on the side? Then a part-time job would be the ideal solution. Don’t fancy a long commute or a 9-5 working day? Combine your other passions with a work-from-home job. Pearson UK has it all!

  • How can I find Pearson jobs near me?

    Finding a job with Pearson near you has never been easier with YoungCapital. Simply enter the name of your city or town in the search bar on this page, and you’ll see all relevant vacancies. Can’t find one in your area right now? Just turn on job alerts on your profile to get notifications about new Pearson vacancies to your inbox.

  • Where can I find similar jobs to Pearson jobs?

    There are tons of other great companies you can apply with on our site. Don’t mind veering away from education, but still love a social work environment? Then a career at Tesco or Sainsbury’s may just be what you’re looking for.