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Teaching jobs have always been a popular choice among young people, and that’s not changing any time soon. The traditional roles you know and love are still waiting for fresh talent like you, and new styles of teaching positions are always popping up. Luckily for you, YoungCapital has plenty of jobs in education for you to browse through. No matter what your background or experience level might be, we’re sure that there’ll be a teacher vacancy with your name on it. Sign up with us to save all your favourites to your profile, so you don’t forget about them while you browse our teaching jobs.

What to know about teaching jobs

Traditional teaching jobs are not going anywhere, and for good reason. Everybody still needs to be taught the basics and pass their exams, after all. Different subjects need teachers with different areas of expertise, so no matter where your interests lie, you can certainly turn them into a teaching career. If you’re a word wizard who loves a mix of classic and contemporary literature, you should consider a job as an English teacher. Prefer to be up and active in your job? PE teachers are often students’ favourites, so check out a few of those vacancies. Or perhaps you’re a creative hand who wants to inspire young minds? Then a job as an art teacher sounds like a dream. These are just a few examples to give you inspiration, so don’t think you’re limited. There are vacancies in schools for all kinds of teaching positions, so start looking for your ideal one today.

If you don’t want to stick to a conventional teaching job, why not look for one in after-school and extracurricular activities? Lots of kids and young adults want to have fun after the school day is over, and learn some extra skills while they’re at it. You could take advantage of that and find a teaching vacancy in an area that interests you. Some popular examples include jobs as dance and drama teachers, as there is a high demand for them. You can stay fit teaching kids to move, although you do need to have a bit of your own rhythm! If you’re a bit of a Tom Daley yourself, you could get a job as a swim teacher at your local pool. It’s a valuable skill to teach young people, for personal safety as well as fun. Another great subject to become a teacher in is computer literacy, so all you tech-heads out there, it’s your time to shine!

Online teaching jobs are only growing in popularity, as more and more people look to the internet for an easy way to learn new skills. There are so many subjects you can teach online, one of which is English. With so many people looking to improve their fluency, teaching English as a foreign language (or TEFL) as a job is a great career move. You can rack up plenty of teaching experience which could then be transferred to a full-time, in-person role. It’s also the ideal work-from-home job if you have other commitments that keep you in the house. Fancy becoming an online English tutor? Have a look at some of our online teacher vacancies on this page by filtering by WFH vacancies.

Are you not yet qualified for a fully-fledged teaching job? No worries, there are still plenty of ways for you to kick-start your teaching career. With classrooms as busy and bustling as they are, most teachers could do with an extra pair of hands to manage everything. That’s why jobs for teaching assistants are so in-demand. You’ll gain on-the-job experience and have plenty of time to get comfortable being in the classroom. A teaching assistant job could be the first step on your career ladder. You can also get a part-time job teaching, like as a substitute teacher, so you won’t have to give up all of your weekdays. Sounds like a good way to get started, right? Start looking through all the postings we have to find the best fit for you.

Still not sure how to find the right teaching job to fit what you’re looking for? Use our filter tool! You can adjust your preferences for distance, education level, and type of employment, so any jobs that show up match your needs to a tee. You can also use keywords to really zero in on teaching vacancies that are in line with your search, like ‘London’ for teaching jobs in London. We can’t make it any easier than that, so the rest is up to you. Happy job hunting!

FAQs about teaching jobs:

What qualifications do I need for a teaching job?

The qualifications for teaching and teaching assistant jobs vary, but generally some background in education is recommended. That’s why they make for such good graduate jobs.

Do you have teaching jobs outside of London?

Of course! We have teaching jobs in cities and towns all over the UK. You just have to find one that works best for you.

When will I hear back about my application for a teaching job?

We try to get back to you within a week, but if you’re worried about your teaching job application, you can track its progress in your profile.

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