SSE Jobs

There are 1 jobs available at SSE

A career with SSE means:

  • varied roles both in the field and in support-office admin;
  • programs to accommodate graduates and those wanting to progress;
  • access to cutting-edge technology in the energy sector;
  • care for your wellbeing, including paying a living wage;
  • being part of a team committed to sustainability and diversity.

What you should know about SSE jobs

A career with SSE gives you access to a company that focuses on diversity and safety, to ensure it produces the most innovative and comprehensive energy solutions. Candidates from all backgrounds are welcome to apple to SSE job vacancies, as a diverse team leads to diverse ideas and ways of working. Employment at SSE is about more than just what you can give; it’s also about what you get back for your efforts. SSE is a Living Wage and Fair Tax Mark accredited company, which means you know you’ll be fairly compensated for all your hard work. Plus, there’s a great emphasis placed on safety in all SSE jobs across the UK, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands at work. Ready to start your career at SSE? Apply now through YoungCapital.

Getting a job with SSE

At SSE, your job prospects aren’t limited to only working on the scientific side of things. You can also find positions in the admin side of things, or in marketing and advertising, or in the legal and finance departments. Whatever your area of interest, there’ll be something for you! With so much variety, though, it can be tough to narrow things down. That’s where YoungCapital comes in. Our filtering system allows you to quickly and easily find the right SSE vacancy to fit your needs and qualifications. Just tick off your preferences, enter keywords, and sort the page, and you’ll find your ideal career opportunity at SSE in no time.

Once you find the right employment opportunity at SSE, all that’s left to do is apply. Easier said than done though, right? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be such a head wreck. We have tips and tricks to help make the application and interview process easier, and a free CV maker that allows you to polish your resume in seconds. Plus, our dedicated recruiters will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about finding a job at SSE. They’ll even reach out to you themselves after you register for a chat about what you need. So, whether you’re looking to launch your career at SSE, or just want to know what’s out there, sign up with YoungCapital to get personalised help.

FAQs about working at SSE

  • How do I apply for an SSE job through YoungCapital?

    Start by logging in to your profile and making sure your CV and contact details have been uploaded. That way, you won’t have to add them to every application. Then, filter through the vacancies or go to the ones you’ve saved and click ‘apply directly’. It’s so simple, you’ll have your career at SSE in the bag before you know it.

  • Does SSE offer graduate jobs?

    Absolutely! There are specially tailored programs and jobs at SSE for graduates who want to test their skills while still picking up new knowledge. Not seeing anything that appeals to you? Have a look at our full selection of graduate jobs to see if anything else takes your fancy.

  • How do I find SSE jobs near me?

    Using our filtering tool, type in the town or city of your choice and hit search. You’ll see all the available vacancies in your area and can get started figuring out which is the best one to begin your SSE career.

  • What are the most popular careers at SSE?

    There are so many different career options available at SSE, it’s tough to pick the most popular ones. Everybody’s different, after all. Whether you’re after an engineering job, management position, or a sales gig, there’s only one way to find them – start searching!