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A job with UBS means:

  • learning the ins and outs of global finance and investing;
  • personal development plans, both in-house and external;
  • a wide variety of roles, from marketing to sales to logistics;
  • supportive colleagues who value your individuality;
  • incentives for employees including discounts and volunteering.

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What to know about UBS careers

If you’re keen to build a thriving career, then UBS is the company for you. Not only do they have job opportunities across all kinds of industries, not just finance, but they also put a lot of emphasis on social responsibility and giving back. Employment at UBS means access to philanthropic opportunities, contributing to a more sustainable way of working, and being part of a team that values diversity. So, if you value hard work as well as feeling good about what you do, then a job at UBS is the way to go. Whether you want to switch up your existing career, or you’re looking for your first entry-level job, UBS has opportunities for everyone.

Not only is there a wide range of positions available, but work at UBS also comes with a number of perks attached. You’ll be afforded health insurance, have access to different wellness programmes, and benefit from flexible working options. Not only that, but there are employee awards and recognition programmes to acknowledge those who go above and beyond in their job at UBS. Not only will you be well compensated for your work with competitive pay packages, but you’ll be noticed and rewarded for it too. All of these perks factor in to making a career at UBS a desirable prospect for any jobseeker.

Find a job at UBS with YoungCapital

We’re here to help you with every step of your search for career opportunities at UBS. Once you sign up, our team will be in touch with you to discuss what you need from us. You might want help when you apply to UBS, such as which skills and experience you should include in your CV. Or, you may need advice on what to wear once you land yourself an interview (hint: business causal is always a safe bet). Whatever guidance you may need, we’ll be happy to help. While you’re waiting for us to reach out, have a look at our job application tips to already put yourself ahead of the competition. You’re sure to be the top candidate for a UBS job, or any vacancy for that matter.

FAQs about working at UBS

  • Is working at UBS a good career move?

    If you want to work somewhere that values your individuality and allows you to collaborate with supportive colleagues, then you’ll love working at UBS. Career opportunities aside, it’s a nurturing environment that will allow you to grow personally and professionally.

  • Does UBS offer graduate jobs?

    There are lots of entry-level jobs at UBS that graduates like yourself will find helpful in starting your career. UBS is eager to put you to work and get you moving up the career ladder, which is why they have positions specifically designed for graduates. So, even if you’re new to the world of work you’ll find something at UBS.

  • What kind of hours do you work in a UBS job?

    There’s a good deal of flexibility when it comes to the working hours at UBS. You can find both full-time and part-time jobs at UBS, so those still at school or uni can still work at getting their foot in the door.

  • Where can I find jobs at UBS near me?

    You can find any available UBS jobs across the UK by using our filtering tool. Just enter your city or town name in the search box, and you’ll see all the vacancies in the area. If you don’t see any you like, search for jobs by location to see roles with other great companies, or turn on your email alerts to hear about new career opportunities at UBS.