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A career at Vodafone means:

  • the opportunity to work at a tech-driven company;
  • acquiring valuable work experience and skills for your CV;
  • flexible working hours – easy to combine with other priorities;
  • a job that meets your demands – skills, experience, values;
  • no long commuting hours – find work at Vodafone near you.

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What you should know about Vodafone’s jobs

Getting a job at Vodafone means working towards a better, innovative future for this, and upcoming generations. Besides this, you’ll be acquiring valuable skills and experience from working with one of the UK’s top employers. ‘What skills exactly?’ It depends on the role you’re after; Vodafone offers tons of vacancies. If you land a retail or customer service job with Vodafone or a similar company, you’ll improve your selling, problem-solving, communication, and customer service skills. Can’t seem to find a job in your area? Luckily for you, there’s also the option to work from home – so you can find a job at Vodafone in London, or anywhere near you.

Find employment at Vodafone

First-timers, seasoned professionals, students – basically anyone is welcome to apply to Vodafone’s job vacancies. The easiest way to get a foot in the door is to apply to one of their retail stores as a sales advisor. If you’re interested in the more technical side of things, apply to an engineering role near you. Good to know: Vodafone is constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas. So if you’re still in uni, there are multiple internship or apprenticeship opportunities available. And, if you’re a recent graduate, this is the perfect opportunity to shoot your shot with a graduate job.

Want to ensure a job at Vodafone? Have a read through our job application tips to help you stand out from the crowd, and use our free CV maker tool to update your CV in a jiffy.

FAQs about working at Vodafone

  • Does Vodafone offer any part-time jobs?

    The answer is: yes. Visit our part-time jobs page near you, and filter the vacancies to find Vodafone’s part-time work.

  • Are there any accountancy jobs available at Vodafone?

    Of course there are. Have a look through our accountancy jobs and search for Vodafone’s vacancies.

  • Which other companies offer similar jobs to Vodafone?

    Good question! If you’re looking to broaden your options beyond Vodafone’s job vacancies, have a look at our Jet2 and BT Group jobs. Save all the vacancies you like to your profile, so you can find them later when you’re ready to apply.

  • How do I apply for a job at Vodafone?

    Start off by registering with us. Then upload your CV and contact information to make your job application process go smoothly. After this, explore all of Vodafone’s vacancies on this page, and tap ‘apply directly’ to the ones you like.