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Do you need a logistics recruitment agency to help equip your business with the right staff? YoungCapital are specialists in logistics and warehouse staffing services, so we can help you find what you’re looking for. Providing high-speed, high-quality matches is our top priority as a logistics and warehouse recruitment agency, which is why it’s central to how we work. We provide both permanent staff and temporary workers under a wide range of employment contracts, sourced from our extensive database of qualified candidates. Want to find out more about how our team can help you? Contact our logistics and warehouse recruitment agency specialists for a non-binding consultation and free price proposal.

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Why use our logistics and warehouse staffing services

  • Reliable, pre-screened candidates, who fit your business and are ready to work.
  • A large variety of logistics staff to match your needs, from experienced professionals to entry-level workers.
  • A huge database of talent that allows us to make quality matches quickly.
  • A wide variety of contracts to provide logistics staffing for every occasion, from full-timers to seasonal support staff.
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A fast-acting logistics recruiting agency

We combine high-speed tech with reliable recruitment solutions to bring you the most innovative warehouse and logistics recruitment solutions. Our agency uses AI and our algorithms to sort through our huge database in seconds. That means we can find warehouse workers, drivers, and picker-packers for your company in the blink of an eye. We can also guarantee that they’ll be an ideal match for the job, thanks to our extensive pre-screening. We know exactly what the candidate is bringing to the table, from their skills to their qualifications to whether they have a driving licence. A high-quality match at top speed? Sounds pretty good to us.

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Permanent logistics staff at your fingertips

We’ve managed to build a database of more than 1.5 million registrations across the UK. That’s over 1.5 million flexible candidates who are eager to get to work. Such a huge amount of talent comes with a lot of variety in the skills they have, so the odds that we have someone to fit your vacancy are pretty high. We’ve got qualified forklift drivers, experienced order pickers, and many other talented applicants. That’s part of what makes us such speedy warehouse and logistics recruitment specialists, and allows you to save valuable time and money. We have candidates prepped and ready to go, so there’s no hanging about waiting for us to find a suitable match.

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Temp workers to suit every warehouse’s needs

Conducting temporary warehouse staffing during a seasonal peak can be a challenge. There are higher demands for orders to be filled, drivers need to work longer hours – it’s non-stop! But, when you use our logistics recruitment agency, we can help take some of the stress and strain away. We can provide you with temp workers to suit multiple positions quickly and easily. More importantly, though, we’ll stay on as the candidate’s legal employer when they start working and look after all the tedious admin. We’ll take care of their contract and payslips, and cover unexpected costs like illnesses and absences, so you can focus on keeping things running in your business.

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Roles we can fill as a logistics staffing agency

  • Warehouse workers
  • Forklift drivers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Managers
  • Administrative staff
  • Couriers
  • Packers

FAQs about our logistics and warehouse staffing services

  • Are all your warehouse recruitment agency’s candidates permitted to work in the UK?

  • All of our candidates are thoroughly screened and are 100% eligible to work in the UK, including our warehouse and logistics talent.

  • How quickly can I find workers through your logistics recruitment agency?

  • Depending on the exact specifications of your vacancy, we can often have a candidate for you in as little as 24 hours. When you chat with our logistics, warehouse, and driver recruitment team, they can give you a more exact timeline, so reach out.

  • What resources does YoungCapital have to enable logistics recruitment?

  • We use a combination of organic traffic and targeted marketing campaigns to attract the best possible candidates. All of our vacancies are optimised for search engines, so they’ll reach thousands of jobseekers looking for work in logistics.

  • What warehouse and logistics recruitment services does YoungCapital offer?

  • Our warehouse and logistics recruitment team can find you applicants for both permanent and short term employment. Whether you need a full-time employee, part-timer, or seasonal worker, we’ve got you covered.

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