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Are you eager to land an administrator job and show off your skills and expertise? YoungCapital is here to sort you out with some great administrator vacancies with the UK’s top employers. Scroll through this page to find out what administrators do, and how you can find great vacancies that match what you’re looking for exactly. Sign up with us to make the application process a breeze; you can save all your favourite postings and upload all your documents so everything is ready when you are. If you’re excited to find some great administrator jobs across the UK, don’t waste any time – get cracking with your search today.

What to know about administrator jobs

So, what does an administrator do exactly? Administrators are typically responsible for making sure the business’ work is organised, and they support teams by carrying out background tasks. They may help execute projects, sort and file documents, and fill out paperwork and spreadsheets, among other things. Any business needs administrators to help out with all the behind-the-scenes work, so you can find positions across multiple job industries. Traditionally, the majority of administrators’ jobs have been office-based roles, where they can be there in the flesh to help out colleagues as soon as they’re needed. But, nowadays, more and more companies are moving their work online, which means remote administrator jobs are not only possible, but in fact common. So, if you’re looking for a role where you can work hard from the comfort of your sofa, then a work-from-home job in administration is the one for you. Explore both in-person and remote positions on this page to find your best match.

Admin job requirements

The requirements for administrator jobs vary depending on the level of the position. If you’ve just finished uni and are looking for your first graduate job, this is a great option for you. There are plenty of entry-level jobs for administrators that don’t require any experience, where you can put your hard-earned degree to use. If you’ve decided that uni isn’t for you, that’s totally cool too. You can find no experience administrator jobs that don’t require a degree, as long as you can show that you’re still able to do the work. If you do happen to have a few years of work history under your belt, you might be able to apply for a higher level position, like a job as an administrator manager. Still not sure about what you want to do for work? Check out our admin jobs category to explore all types of administrator vacancies available and get a better idea of what’s out there.

Administrator job salary

Wondering how much you can earn in an administrator job? Isn’t everybody? The salary is another factor that depends on the position you apply for. The average salary for a full-time job in administration is somewhere between £25,000 and £30,000. For entry-level jobs for administrators, it usually falls on the lower end of the scale, and can be as little as £20,000. Generally speaking though, as you gain experience and prove yourself through your work, your salary tends to grow. Are you only looking for a part-time job? Administrators who work shorter hours tend to be paid an hourly wage, roughly £10-£13, and the hours will be flexible to work around your schedule. It’s a particularly good gig for anyone still in school and wanting to build up their CV before beginning work.

How to find administrator jobs near me

Wondering where the best administrator jobs in the UK are located? And if there are any near to you? Once again, here comes YoungCapital to the rescue. We’ve made a handy filter that allows you to select the town, city or postcode you’re interested in, and only see jobs based there. For example, are you looking for administrator jobs in London or Manchester? Just type them into the search bar to find all our big city vacancies. Would you prefer to be taking in the seaside air in a coastal town or city? Then look for administrator jobs in Bristol or Liverpool.

Are you more a fan of living inland? You’ll find plenty of jobs for administrators in Birmingham and Leeds when you add them to your search. Or would you rather work up north and tuck into some neeps and tatties? Check out our administrator jobs in Glasgow and Edinburgh by adding them to your search. The point we’re trying to make is that there are plenty of jobs for administrators all over the place. So, no matter where you’re looking, the time to start is now – get going!

FAQs about administrator jobs:

Where can I hear about new administrator jobs?

We have all the best administrator jobs right here on YoungCapital. You can set up email alerts when you sign up, so you get all the newest administrator vacancies sent to your inbox.

When will I hear about my application for an administrator job?

We try our best to get back to you within a week of you applying for an administrator job. If you’ve got concerns, you can track the status of your application in your profile.