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What could be a more rewarding occupation than a nurse job? If looking after people and helping them to feel better gives you a sense of joy and pride, you should definitely consider a career in nursing. With many different areas you can work in, and different levels you can work towards, there is so much variety in the field. From beginner CNA jobs to top-level nurse manager roles, YoungCapital has you covered. By signing up with us, you can save all your favourite vacancies, and get all the latest nurse jobs sent straight to your inbox, so don’t delay!

What to know about nurse jobs

Are you new to the nursing scene, and job-hunting for the first time? Don’t stress, let us walk you through the jobs for a newly-qualified nurse like yourself. To begin with, you can find a lot of nursing assistant and associate jobs that act as a graduate job stepping stone to a full-blown nursing career. Most of the time, the next step is then becoming a staff nurse, which simply means you take on more responsibilities than before. You’re still not top dog yet, though, so there’s still plenty of time to work on improving your skills. Another idea to gain some experience is getting a job as an agency nurse. These kinds of nurses are called in to help when hospitals and clinics need extra staff, so it’s a bit more easy-going than a full-on full-time role. Have a look at some other part-time jobs in healthcare, if that’s more what you’re after.

Once you’ve got some experience under your belt, you can try out a more high-ranking or nurse job. You can climb the ranks in your department and become a nurse manager, which would mean you’re in charge of all the other nurses in your section. You can also move into something more specialised, once you’ve got the basics down. If you’re a big fan of kids and babies, have a look at some paediatric nurse or midwife jobs. Nursery nurses have the important task of caring for children in the early stages of their development, so it’s a very rewarding role. On the other end of the spectrum, you could find a job in a nursing home, looking after the elderly. Working in a care home is both challenging and rewarding, so make sure you’re prepared for a job with lots of ups and downs. Check out some care home vacancies if this sounds like your cup of tea.

We can’t forget about the other kinds of nurse jobs that are out there, besides the ‘traditional’ ones in hospitals. Dental nurses do a very important job, making sure the dentist has all his equipment and the patient is relaxed and reassured. The job of an aesthetic nurse is assisting in cosmetic procedures, like fillers and laser skin treatments. There are a growing number of jobs for mental health nurses, as we understand more and more about mental health conditions. These roles require a specific set of skills to deal with unique patient complaints. It’s not just humans that nurses need to care for; our furry friends need looking after too. Jobs for vet nurses are nearly always on offer, and can offer a lot of variety. They can be based in a clinic or out on the road, with small patients like household pets or bigger ones like farm animals. Whichever you fancy, have a look at some of the veterinary nurse jobs out there.

There are also different environments where you can work a nurse job. Travel nurses are always on the move, visiting people at home when they can’t make it to a clinic or hospital. So, if you like being out and about, this one’s for you. Community nurses have a similar job, where they get very well acquainted with their patients, but they may work at local clinics all over the UK. One role that’s on the rise these days is remote nursing, with work-from-home jobs becoming more and more popular. You would still be dealing with patients, but maybe over the phone rather than in person, talking them through symptoms and treatments to save them a trip to the doctor. Finally, an occupational health nurse does their job within some of the biggest companies in the UK, looking after the wellbeing of employees and making sure they’re fit to do their jobs. Have we piqued your interest with all of these options? Have a look at all the nursing jobs or other medical jobs on offer to find your best match – you won’t regret it.

FAQs about nurse jobs:

What qualifications do I need for a nursing career?

The qualifications vary depending on which nurse job you go for, but generally you need a degree in nursing, and registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

How do I apply for a nurse job?

Create a profile with YoungCapital, upload your CV, and click ‘apply’ on whatever nurse job you like the look of. Simple!

When will I hear back about my application for a nurse job?

We try to get back to you within a week, but you can also track the status of your nurse job application in your profile.